Saturday, December 1, 2012

❤ Sponsored - BYS Show Girl + Plum Delight

Did you notice something new in my blog if you are browsing using the computer/laptop? I am currently quite addicted to instagram, and right above this post is my real-time instagram uploads!

So yeah, third and last post for BYS, Be YourSelf nail polishes! Attended the BYS launch in October, and was wearing the amazing Color Change Orange last week! I am so fascinated by it and exclaiming it to my friends the whole week! SO COOL!

I tried out the other two colors I received, I SO SO SO SO LOVE them too!!!!!! NO KIDDING!

I applied 2 coats for both layers, and I realized Plum Delight texture is a bit thinner than Show Girl.  With only 1 layer, Show Girl's color is already super beautiful! Plum Delight needs 2 for the actual color to appear! 

Plum Delight
Plum Delight with flash!
So glittery and so suitable for Christmas!!!!!!!!!

Plum Delight without flash.
Plum Delight is so elegant, ladylike and sexy.... whereas Show Girl is cute, girly and so sweet! ^^

Show Girl
My favourite of the 3 colors, has to be Show Girl! Even the name. S.H.O.W~~~~~ ^^

Show Girl with Flash!
Such a cute color! No kidding, I used to buy and buy pink nail polishes and 90% of the time I do manicure will be all kinds of pink shades. LOL. Pink is definitely my favourite color!

Show Girl already looks so cute and pretty on the camera, but it is a pity my camera cannot capture the actual color!!!!!! :( It looks like pink base + purple reflection! It is Fuchsia FTW! Never see this kind of color before. PRETTTTTTTTTTY!!!!!!!

Show Girl without Flashlight
I admit I am obsessed with pink that even my keyboard protect is in Fuchsia! ^^

I am a SHOW girl! *winks*
You can grab your BYS in Watsons Singapore! I WANT TO GRAB ALL THE COLOR CHANGERS! Okay, maybe not all. LOL.

Thank you my dear Herine again for the invite,  Lynn and Mimi for the beautiful nail polishes!

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