Thursday, November 29, 2012

❤ Hello Kitty Sweets at Taipei - Part 2 ❤

Pink Hello Kitty Menu! Cute!
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Part 2 for Hello Kitty Sweets! Keep calm and enjoy Hello Kitty Sweets! Visit Part One if you haven't~~^^

Even the dish coaster is Hello Kitty~ :D
So what kawaii food did I order? 

Soup and salad from the meal! Korilakkuma likes it too! :D
Even the bread has Hello Kitty face!!!! XD

You ready for the cuteeeee meal?

Hello Kitty Hamburger!!!!!!!! XDD
I had already decided on what I want to order before I stepped into Hello Kitty Sweets. HEHEHE! Too cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Korilakkuma wants to kiss it... i mean eat it!
Of cos must take photo with food! LOL
My dessert came and my poor Kitty is injured :(
Luckily Joyce's pudding isssssss perfect.
awwwww.... Kitty face Strawberry latte!!!!!!! HOW CUTE!
lol, of cos must take selca~~
Looking sick by then because of FLU and stomach... >_< (Not because of the food!)
Being a Hello Kitty themed cafe, of cause the toilet must be cute and PINK too!

Who wants this chair toooooooooooooo?

The food is MEH and pricey (but portion is HUGE), but I will definitely recommend you to go if you are a Hello Kitty Fan, or just want to check it out to see how cute it is (like me...) .

Address:台北市大安路一段90號, No. 90, Section 1, Dà'ān Rd, Daan District Taipei City, Taiwan Opening Hours:11:30~22:00(daily)
How to go:捷運板南線「忠孝復興」站3號出口, Zhong Xiao Fu Xing Station Exit 3

Basically you climb up the stairs (humpffff! tiring!) and get out of Exit 3, turn right at the second junction, walk straight and you will see the cafe! ;D

PS: Agnes B Cafe is somewhere around here too!!!!!! Will I share about Agnes B Cafe? LOL, of cause I will!

Thank god I am a Chinese so I never had a problem walking around Taipei, with all the chinese pronunciation of the roads in English, I wonder how many non-chinese can pronounce or understand it properly. :P

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