Saturday, December 8, 2012

☆ ディップドロップスネコスニーカー Dip Drops Cat Sneakers - 6 ways to wear ☆

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Hello my dears!!! I was out with my girls, Milly and Joyce, yesterday for Christmas shopping from 11.30am to 9.30pm!!! My legs and back are aching right now! *OLD* I spent a BOMB buying Christmas gifts and a lot of things for myself too! HAHA! Got 80% of the gifts I need to get! The Christmas Celebration kicks off on 14 December! :) Actually I already passed some gifts to my friends so Christmas is in the air... :))))))

Being a Japanese fashion lover, one of my favourite brands is Dip Drops ディップドロップス as their apparels are fashionable, affordable and there are a lot of kitties prints which I really really like!!!

In my previous entry Dip Drops Mint Ribbon I mentioned that I want the Neko Sneakers and they are finally in Singapore! I went to Dip Drops Singapore at Orchard 313 to buy this cutie pie! Thanks to Herine who let me know that there is a 10% off for UOB cardmembers, and Joyce has UOB card so she helped me get it! :DDDDDD Thank you Thank you Thank you!

BTW, let me share how Dip Drops is pronounced in Japanese... ディップ ドロップス Dippu Doroppusu ~~ So difficult even for me to read it normally. Hehe! Cat Sneaker is easier thought! ネコスニーカーNeko Suni~~ka~~ the "~~~" means you have to prolong the sound.


The super super cute Cat Sneakers from Dip Drops!!!!!! ^__________________________^
3 Colors Available at S$159~~ after 10% off, I got mine at $143.10! Yeah! I actually like the glitter flats in silver too!! T_T~~~ That pair is $113 so I guess the sneakers is more worth it! PLUS.... I found out  6 WAYS OF WEARING IT!! SUGOI~~~~~~ SO WORTH IT!

To my surprise, there are insoles provided inside! OMG SO COOL! HAHA, so now I can become taller instantly! So I will be around 166cm wearing this I guess. My dream height! haha!

So with and without insoles, there will be 2 different ways of wearing this sneakers! ^^

and then and then....

Where did my kitties run to? :)
 The kitties are actually removable and changeable!!!!!!!  

For days when you don't want to look so cute and girly with the kitties pad, you can remove them and stick on the plain ones! They are attached to sneakers with velcro~ How thoughtful! :))))))))))

Style # 1: Without the kitties padding, nor the plain ones. Perhaps you want to show more of your legs when wearing cute socks or stockings! ^^

Style #2: Plain padding to not so cute and girly. かっこい〜〜〜
Style #3: KITTY SNEAKERS!!!!!!
So these are the 6 styles you wear with this Cat Sneakers! These are the 3 styles I introduced X insoles or without insole. HAHAHA! ^^

The Dip Drops bag this time! KAWAII!!! Peachy pink with mint ribbon! ^^

For more information and update, find out more at Dip Drops Singapore~~ 

Milly, Joyce and Me~
Neko Mimi from H&M at $9, and Kitty top from Forever21~~ $23 i think~ FULL GEAR OF KITTY~ woohoo~

 Have a Merry Christmas holiday~~~~~~~~ ^^

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