Tuesday, December 4, 2012

❤ Anna Sui Black Veil Holiday 2012 Collection

I attended the Anna Sui Black Veil Holiday 2012 Collection workhshop many weeks back, and just want to share with you this beautiful collection! SO PRETTY! I have weakness for lace stuff too!

Anna Sui has always been my dream makeup brand since I was in my teens, 10 years ago, when I passed by the counters in Isetan when I was like 16 years old. GOSH, how pretty and princessy the shop, products, and the beauty consultants look like DOLLS!

I remember I bought my first Anna Sui black glitter nail polish back when I was like 16, and haha... it costs $21! I must be quite rich then! Actually me and my girlfriends only wanted to do eyebrow trimming, and we ended up buying 1 item each. Not sure why we went to Anna Sui for eyebrow trimming?? LOL. We calculated that it was quite a steal since the beauty consultant said that eyebrow trimming costs $10, and if we buy any product, it will be free. LOL. I take it that the nail polish is only $11! LOL!

Then I only use Anna Sui Curler! You can search my blog for "Anna Sui" and can find 3 entries of me of me talking about it! LOL. IT IS THE BEST CURLER AND I BELIEVE IT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL TOO! ~~

I also received Anna Sui as birthday presents during my Poly days~~ how come now no more? lol.

I do buy a lot of cosmetics and skincare but Anna Sui is considered as the ATAS (expensive branded) makeup brand even for me till now! Please more more more money money money roll in! :P

Anyways, I bought only the Rose Face Powder since I was determined to buy another ATAS blusher when I go to Taiwan. :P The other brand is also super PRINCESSY AND GIRLY! Will share it soon too!!!!!! I ALSO CAN'T wait to share about that! So many things I want to share but work has been crazy, and Christmas is coming so SUPER BUSY meeting my friends!!!! 2 Weddings this month too! :)

Oops, scroll down and you know why I bought the Rose Face Powder!!

Rose Face Powder

Illuminate your skin with translucency and leave your skin with natural glow that is only yours! This is a moist powder base that gives perfect 4-5 shade gradations.

Anna Sui is all about the packaging, and I SUPER LOVE IT... wait till you look at the powder...









ROSES!!!!!! OMG!!! *DIES OF PRETTINESS* I see this and I cannot stand, so I must buy! lol. It also has the ANNA SUI scent! 香香~~~~ I wonder what scent is it... ^^

I just started using it two days and will try to add in photos later on since my face is always bloated when I wake up in the morning and can't talk photos. LOL. I'll take photos in the weekend :P

Received this as the door gift. CAN ANNA SUI PRODUCTS BE CUTER??? I love the nail polish!! The green is so classsssssy and suitable for Christmas! Will paint it on when Christmas is nearer! ^^

Anna Sui OVERDOSED!!! To my surprise, my friend gave me Fairy Dance as I kept exclaiming how cute the bottle is! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I love you~~~~~~~ ^^

A quote I found today! Albert Einstein is indeed a genius! :) Have a great week, and be back soon!

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