Sunday, September 30, 2012

NEW!! Essential Damage - Care Purely Smooth

I was contemplating what shampoo to buy and the NEW Essential Damage - Care Purely Smooth caught my eyes because of....

VIVIAN HSU~~~ one of my goddess!! So so gorgeous even at her age! :)))) GORGEOUS~~~~

I did use Essential Damage Care Rich Premier Shampoo (orange) before, hair is really smooth but the conditioner make my hair oily~~~~ This new series doesn't make my sculpt oily ! :)

Very very reasonably price, CHEAP to be precise, for a good shampoo that delivers what it promises! Also love the light fruity floral scent! :)))) I'm also using a new hair oil which i don't know where to get. LOL. My manager gave me last year during Christmas and I totally forgot about it. Quite good too! Smooth hair is a MUST for me!!!!
Essential's new cuticle care formula repairs, moisturizes and protects hair cuticles 4 times more. Hair stays shiny, smooth, and manageable even to the last 15cm that is most easily damaged.

 Woohoo! BIGBANG rocks ~~~~ I can't wait to see my boys in another 3 weeks! ^_____^ 4th row 4th row!!! TOP is too gorgeous~~~~~~~~~ *SWOONS* My heart hurts when i see him with the cast! But my hubby did his best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P I think it will be even more crazy when he removes the cast for KL's concert! WOOHOO~~ Update photos about the concert later! Daesung is really charming in person! Smiley Angel~~~~~~ Taeyang is one cheeky boy! LOL LOL. Kept us roaring loud with laughter!!!!!!!! I think my throat hurts more because of what they talked about! Crab Crab crab~~~~~~~ lol

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SHOPPING - Vivian and Sean SHOES!

Aren't this pair of cutie, peach shoes + pale yellow lace + gold just absolutely adorable?!!!!! ;DD

PS: My feet has lots of scratches.... by Mr KingKing~~ T_T~~ no complains since I'm the one who wants to keep him!!! 

I finally found another new shoe shop other mitju! Been a BIG suppport of mitju for many many years till I know which pairs are the new, which pairs are the old ones. LOL. They have the best designs of shoes though not durable.... as time passes by with more and more outlets, somehow the prices of shoes became higher, and the designs came to a point, which are not what I adore anymore. :(

Then back in April ~ May, I kept going to JCUBE for its opening, dinners, movies, chilling since it is very near my house and most of my best friends live nearby. I went into Vivian and Sean, then I bought two pair of shoes at one go! One is the cutie above and another a black+pale yellow with strings tied in ribbons. Somehow I broke the sole of the shoes as I SQUATTED for 2 days a few weeks back. -____- Sorry my beautiful shoes!!!!! SUPER SAD!!

Recently, I threw away 3 pairs of flats and to my horror, I am left with two pairs of flats. THAT IS VERY BAD. How to match my clothes ~~~ I need flats, i need black flats especially!

So I happened to run some errands today back at JCUBE, and happy that I can visit V&S again! YAY! To add to my gratefulness, the shoes are having discounts! :DDDDDDD

I wanted to buy this kitty heels in BHG Clementi, but the 4 salesperson were busy TALKING. -__- No sales for them! Humpf.

Selected pairs are at 1 for $19.90, 2 for $30! So one pair of shoes is, $15!!!!!!! CHEAP~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The usual flats are around $23.90~$27.90 range! HAPPY! So many I wanted to get ~~ saw the black shoes with big 3D ribbons I wanted to get previously~~~~~~~~~! DO NOT HAVE MY SIZE. :((((((((((((( pffffffffffffffff!

So I decided to get the white pair instead since other black shoes are not that pretty! White is still pretty but.... yeah, turns dirty easily. T_T~~~

Saw this cute yellow + black + gold ribbon, and I instantly want to bring it home! Such a cute design and with floral designs inside! Cuteness level infinity!!!!!

This promotion is valid till end of September! I sacrificde my beauty sleep to share this with you awesome deal with you, SO HURRY UP & GRAB THEM!

So now V&S is my favourite shoes shop!!!!! Please continue to have cute and unique designs~~~~~~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Vivian and Sean
Jcube #02-24
Northpoint #02-53!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Food - A&W Root Beer with Aged Vanilla!

Moody Monday is here, and maybe we should have some beer? Oh wait, I am referring to canned A&W ROOT BEER! Did it come out with a new packaging? Mom loves A&W root beer and dad will always buy them for her! SO SWEET!

So that day Mom was happily sipping her favourite A&W root beer and she exclaimed in Mandarin "这个怪怪的!是不是root beer?!" ~~~~ She was shocked why her root beer tastes differently! hehehe! Not sure if you guys drank it already...

It is A&W root beer made with aged vanilla! HAHA! There is no more A&W in Singapore for many years. I still remember how I spent quite some time in my 4 years of Secondary School life in CTSS eating curly fries and waffles icecream, and also root beer float! You can still get root beer float in Singapore but not the same and A&W!!! :D

This A&W Root Beer with Aged Vanilla tastes just like root beer float, just without the physical icecream. LOL, quite interesting I will say. But I still prefer to have my icecream on my root beer!

Have an Enjoyable weeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

I am ecstatic, sad, and angry at the same time!

Firstly, the long awaited BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR is finally here! I can't wait to see TOP, as well as Taeyang and Daesung since I have never see the two of them before! WEDDING DRESS OMG! I think I may be moved to tears!

Sad because TOP injured  his arm, but being TOP, he can just stand there and do his rap which is enough to make us go berserk! SO BLOODY GOOD LOOKING IN PERSON!

SAD AND ANGRY because my Kang Jelly announced that he will leave RUNNING MAN. NO!!!!!!!!!!!! I am Team Garie and I feel like my heart is torn into pieces. I was going mad when he did not appear in 2 episodes due to his back. :(((((((( NO!!!! But if he wants to take a hiatus due to his back injury, I will gladly support him! Not because of guilt please! LEESSANG DID NOTHING WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are two sweet guys with very tough appearance. Why make them suffer? You know the solution to expensive tickets? DON'T BUY. :(((((((((

Saturday, September 22, 2012

❤ Conrad Hotel Getaway

Comfy Beds! ^^
If only my room is this huge and I don't kept buying stuff all the time!
Sadly, there is no no hunk and babe.... heh...
So we went shopping the day before, and nua the night away watching stupid movies on the TV. lol!! BREAKFAST!
Sweet and Chewy Swiss Chocolate Ice-cream Waffle :))))
4 types of Salmon!!!!!
Thank you Jo-chan!!!! ;DD I'm like forever pampered by my family and lovely friends. :))) Thankful! Missed out shots of the spacious toilet!

Share something with you all...... Jo-chan passed me this.
omo... can you guess what this is? pad?
Haha, this is actually a heated eye mask, with lavender scent! Wonder how the mask got heated up by itself! JAPANESE!!! This is really comfy for the eyes & I had a good night.

haha, really looks like a sanitary pad!
HAHAHA, will you dare put it on during a flight? lol.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

♡ Dip Drops Mint Ribbon

I have to share this with you girls! I bought another set of top and skirt from Dip Drops! As you know Japanese fashion brands are quite expensive, Dip Drops is kind of at the okay-ish range! I always cringe when i passed by Liz Lisa in Japan. Way too over budget for me.

Dipdrops clothes can never be out of fashion as they all have the girly sweet stuff such as polka dots, ribbon, knitted wear, & floral... etc You can take a look at the Dip Drops stuff I bought previously! Polka dots too. lol.

またDip Dropsのセットを買いました!今回はニットとスカートセットです!何時も日本のブランが大好きけど、高すぎると思います!*泣* Liz Lisa とか。。。高い! Dip Dropsのほうはいいです!フフフ〜過ぎのDip Drops買った物見たい? ^^

I saw Joanne wearing the light pink top + blue with this ribbon and the back and I'm like, I HAVE TO GET IT! LOL. So we popped over to Isetan Wisma to get mine! ^_^

ジョちゃんのピンクニット見て後、リボンが大好きから、買います! ^_^

Tadah!!!!! I got the white knitted top with my current favourite mint color! The great thing is, this whole set is only S$49!!!!! Original was S$79! So each piece now is only less than $25! WAHAHA! Another Dip Drops bag to add to my collection. Green and orange, super clash. lol

キャ〜〜 可愛いですね!今S$49だけ!!安い〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜 Dip Dropsの鞄もう1つありますよ!

Jo-chan gave me this mint hairclip which is so matching! haha!

I am waiting for the Neko shoes to arrive in Singapore Dip Drops!!!!!!!!  Please reserve for me, Dip Drops!!!!
 コの猫靴が欲しい!!!!!!Dip Drops 予約してください!

Meanwhile, join for updates! Or let me know if you see that they are selling!!!!!! LOVES! My Japanese is going from bad to worse. I NEED PRACTICE! Don't mind me if there are a lot of errors!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Food - Saboten

Just how lucky am I! Jo-chan and me were supposed to go to Batam for a getaway in July but things happened and we did not. Then came the Lunar 7th Month so we are pantang people so we do not want to travel on the sea. LOL. Plane ride is fine for me though! Then I was ranting to Jo-chan that September has no Public Holiday!!!! *Stress~~~~* Then she had a free room stay for Conrad hotel + breakfast buffet! I LOVE YOU! :DDDDD I should share with you what we ate that day! *IN LOVE*

Jo-chan brought me for Saboten at Millennium Walk! I kind of like the infrastructure of Millennium Walk, the ceiling. :)

We ordered the katsu set for 2 at $46! Paid $26 each at the end of total bill. TOTALLY YUMMYLICIOUS! I can just eat Japanese food EVERYDAY! I just had sushi for dinner! I gonna go to Ikoi next week!!!! Been craving for their SASHIMI !!!!!!!

Grind your own sesame for and create your own Katsu sauce. LOVE THE SMELL OF SESAME!
You know the BEST thing is not that the katsu is super delicious with ebi, pork, cheese katsu... the rice, miso soup, cabbage are all refillable! We ate so much cabbage!! *TOUCHED* TOo yummy!

Green tea ice-cream is served! This is the hard hard icecream that does not melt easily! I LIKE THIS KIND!!!!!!!! GO AND EAT!!!!!! Not a advertorial!!! I WANNA GO BACK AGAIN~~~

Millenia Walk #P3-01
Tel: +65 6333 3432

I had mermaid curl after plaiting my hair for one whole day!

KingKing has grown bigger than Rara!  Boys will be Boys! I hope he protects Rara instead of fighting her! :/

 LOL, he definitely feels so safe with us exposing his most vulnerable stomach to us 90% of the time!

 Aww... he loves his plushie much much!

Friday, September 14, 2012

❤ SPONSORED - Sexylook Intensive Repairing Black Cotton Mask

As promised, another mask review from, I just reviewed on  LoveMore Snail Mucin Healing & Hydrating Mask few days back and yes another mask review from SexyLook!

Few weeks back I reviewed on Sexylook Intensive Whitening Black Cotton Mask and today I will review on Sexylook Intensive Repairing Black Cotton Mask!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Food - Kim's Family Restaurant

Met up with 3 of my best friends last week! Been quite sometime since we last met! Though I meet Joise almost all the time. lol!

This time round we went to Kim's Family Restaurant at Bukit Timah! We actually live around this area. Thank you Ariel for sending me home as always! :DDD Get ready for the food photos!

Omo, 12 side dishes already before we even started! All of them are yummy except the peanuts! Hard.

 Korean Kimchi pancake! I love Kimchi!

Ham and sausage hotpot! 

I missed out the photo of the pork BBQ! Also yummy ~~~~ BTW, We spent $20 bucks each!

Kim's Family Restuarant
17 Lorong Kilat

Tel: 6465 0535
Udders is just next door! :D

Will come back with another SEXYLOOK review soon!  Till then!

Monday, September 10, 2012

❤ Sponsored - LoveMore Snail Mucin Healing & Hydrating Mask

Yay! Received more LoveMore and Sexy Look masks from, Thank you Sarina! *muacks*

After sending me to Mediterranean and Brazil, can you guess where is LoveMore flying me this time? ^_^

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Semi-fine Dining!

So I was invited by my BBFF Domi to his friend, Brendon's house for a semi-fine dining dinner last week! LOL, I traveled all the way to the East of Singapore to enjoy a scrumptious dinner by the two guys! *FORTUNATE* Enjoy the pictures! :P

We were served with wines! :D First dish, scallops!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDD

 Beef and onion soup + cheese on bread. *DIES OF YUMMINESS* 

Lemon sorbet to remove all the taste before the main dish! ^^
MAIN COURSE of LAMB and RISOTTO! ASDFGHJASDFGHJK! SO YUMS! My September of eating yummy food aim is completed. lol.

Dessert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Forgot the name of this but CHOCOLATE!!!!!! CHOCOLATE and more chocolate totally is what I live for!

Thank you for the delicious food!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDD Worth the trip of about 3hrs (to and fro) and super worth it!

I hate Mondays too, but I love you Puss in Boots!

Had a terrible week and I hope the rest of September will be superb! 29 SEPT!!!!! BIGBANG!!!! T.O.P~~~~~~ :D Noona is all ready for you boys!!!!!! lol. Other weekends are all lovely packed! :)))

Friday, September 7, 2012

TheMustardCustard Collection 6


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