Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hello dearies,

I will move to as of end January 2013 as Blogger shut down my blog without any notice or any sort so I guess it will be better for me to shift to somewhere I don't have to worry. :) Thank you blogger for being one of my first blogs 10 years ago, and support this blog for the past 1 year plus.

Catch up with me at! I try to blog more often now! At least twice a week if I can. :P

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

☆ JILL STUART MAKE UP-CHEEKS Blush Blossom 03 (Lady amaryllis)

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I finally finally finally bought my first Jill Stuart super sweet and girl blush blossom blusher when I went to Taiwan in November! ^^
I have been wanting to buy Jill Stuart ever since I saw the super princessy packaging! The Christmas limited edition was sold out when I was there. :((((((((((

LOVE! S$56++
I instantly feel like a princess looking at this diamond jewel blusher! There are two types of blushers with brushes included but I chose this because of the ribbon on the brush! :P I always succumb to my weakness in ribbon! Blush Blossom also contains glitter which makes the skin looks more glowing!

I heard that Jill Stuart is the cheapest at Hong Kong, then Taiwan, then Japan. WHY HUH WHY! :/ The Jill Stuart shop in Japan is also like a kingdom. SINGAPORE, WHY U NO HAVE JILL STUART!

Apply the powder from the right, then left shimmer.

Left: with blusher, Right: without blusher ^^
Look at how vibrant the color is! It gives a natural glow, and the best is that it is long lasting enough that even when I attended an outdoor Wedding Dinner from 4pm-10pm and the blusher is still on till the end of it! ^^

SUPER WORTH IT despite the price due to its packaging and quality!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

♥ Dip Drops VIP ディップドロップス!

Please visit as I will shift over officially from february 2013. ^^
Long time no see!

I am finally a Dip Drops VIP since 13 Jan 2013! hahahahaha!
1月13日から、 ディップドロップスVIPになりました!フフフ!

This VIP card belongs to me, Jo-chan, and Irena-chan! ^^

We were contemplating whose name to to put on the card depending on our birth months. Ended up putting mine since it is April so it will mean more discount for Spring/Summer fashion! Yoohoo!
だれの名前をするを考えました!あたしの誕生びは4月から、最終あたしの名前を使いました!フフフ~~~ 春と夏のファッション、待ってね!

Please read below to find out the benefits and how to become a Dip Drops VIP!^^

♥ Invitation to new collection preview
♥ 10% OFF all regular merchandise
♥ 15% OFF all regular merchandise within the BIRTHDAY MONTH

[How To Become a Dip Drop VIP]
♥ Purchase S$400 in a single receipt OR Accumulate 16 stamps within 6 months (Get 1 stamp for every $50 spending)

Visit for promotions and new releases now! ♥

Will be back this week for the cosmetic I want to share with you girls about!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hatched @ HV

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Met up with my Japanese tomodachi, Yukki-san, together with my sister at Hatched @ Holland Village few weeks back! 

This is my second time visiting Hatched! I had the highly recommended "Sleepover" previously, and I love it! So this time I brought Yukki-san to try out the food!

It was really hot and crowded previously when I went with my girl friends, but this time the place is super chilly and quite empty. hmmm~~

I guess they made another one for 2013! I should go soon! Yay!
The illustrations are all sooooooo cute!
Even the names of the meals are super cute too! ^^
What I ordered! Christmas special! IT IS YUMMMMMMMY. Beef burger, and shabu shabu burger with apricot. Cute mini burgers! But I guess you can't order it anymore since Christmas is over~
Sis's Christmas special!

Yukki-san's COWBOY Burger, and you can still order it when you hopped over to HATCHED! ^^
Wahaha, was trying my best to speak Japanese to Yukki-san as I really really hadn't spoken it for super long~~~~ my Japanese is getting worse and worse... :(((((( Gonna start watching Japanese Drama again!
Address: 267 Holland Ave, Singapore 278989
Opening Hours: 9:00 am - 11:00 pm
Phone:  6463 0012

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy 2013 to you!

  1. Become Richer (if you get what I mean~~~~~~~)
  2. Become Healthier and lose at least 5kg by June(My health in 2012 is no good. :( Down with flu almost every month)
  3. Exercise (Signed up for Hot Yoga lesson already!)
  4. Surround myself with positive and happy people to keep up my positive vibes!
That is all I can think of for now. NUMBER 1 being the priority! :))))))))))))

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sis has all kinds of ideas to wish people HAPPY NEW YEAR! She already told me how to take photo of KingKing and Rara for Chinese New Year. HAHA!
KingKingTheFantasticBaby Facebook and King King's instagram :P

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

☆ Dip Dye DIY by Uniquerika!

Monji Style!
So it was Mongji-style for me that day as I was in a rush to meet Erika! No makeup, hair in a mess, and spects is the way to go! LOL.

Erika bought two different dyes Plum and Flamingo Pink, and she did dip dye for herself with plum and the color is AWESOME!!!!!!! She said she spent 7hrs doing it while dozing off and woke up in the midst of two bleaching! Wow!!!!! Hers is super niceeeeeeeee!
Hearts x infinity!!!!!!!!
Since I love both purple and pink, I don't mind any but we chose the more daring Flamingo Pink for me since I am not doing Dip Dye for the end of the hair. I prefer something that is can see, cannot see like that. LOL!!!!!!!!! I wanted only one inner layer + a bit of the fringe. I was searching images of the hair to show Erika and she kind of know what I want. DIFFICULT TASK HUH! :X

Just so happened that I saw this picture when going to meet her! :P
One important step is to bleachhhhhh your hair baby!
Erika is so innovative! She cut the big red plastic bag and put as the protector for me. LOL LOL!! I'm like Red Ridding Hood. Oh, Erika tied my lower hair so that only one inner layer of hair is dip dyed! :D
Regretted posting this photo up. Bare face + forehead..... -_- The effects make the photo much better!
Erika kept that my hair is very long!!! But I just chopped off 4 inches!!! But really looks super long. lol!
HAHA, so the fringe highlight looks like this.... did not bleach the fringe though. ^^
It looks more reddish pink than flamingo pink though. LOL, the bleach is not enough we guess! But I like the color as it is now!
So that day we were like, we must take a photo of us rolling eyes! I CAN'T ROLL MY EYES. :((((((((((
This is the reason why! LOL. GD can roll eyes like a boss!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

❤ Sponsored - ProCellax® DG1 Optimal Digestion from Cozycot

Please visit as I will shift over officially from february 2013. ^^

This holiday season, did you eat and eat and eat non-stop like me too? Too many gatherings with my loved ones, and ate so much delicious food which I can't resist makes my stomach bloated, and sometimes I do suffer from indigestion too. :(

Thank goodness, Cozycot again kindly sponsored me with ProCellax® DG1 Optimal Digestion to save me from all the bad stomach ache, bloating, and indigestion problems that I always faced after binge eating! :P

ProCellax DG1 improves nutrient absorption by helping to break down proteins, carbohydrates, fats, dairy products and difficult-to-digest foods; while relieving indigestion gas and bloating.

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