Saturday, August 27, 2011


Got PUPA's crack though I haven't really been a fan of CRACK nails actually. :P Saw this selling at a set of 2, S$19.90 in Watsons and decided to get it since the color is cute!
With super easy instruction given. Step 1: Apply the base coat - white. Then I waited for 4 minutes..

PS: I applied my own Sally Hansen's Base Coat too. ^^ Base coat is important!

After 4 minutes or so... apply the deco crack of 1 layer! TADAH!! It appeared in less than 2 second and the crack appears. Mom is amused when i showed her. HAHA

SUPER FAST AND EASY. Took less than 10 minutes to finish my nails with base and top coat. Best thing about crack is.... I don't even have to apply the first color layer nicely. HAHAHA.
Spent a bomb on them!! Wanted to collect all 6 but after getting 5 different ones i kept getting repeated ones. :((((

Kiyo-chan taking a walk.... heeheheheeh

New hair color! Copper + Orange this time!! Bleached my bangs so now duo color!! hehehe!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

PINK Overloaded and update

I went back to Taipei for the 6th time! I LOVE THAT COUNTRY AND HER PEOPLE. I feel more going back home than Singapore, really. Anyway, some sneak previews to share!!

Went to see the most handsome man in Taiwan. :) Always damn happy to see him! Seeing his delighted smile makes everything worthwhile! *MUAHS* Also very amazing to talk to the rest of the crew like friends~~ :( 14 years of  supporting him, 7 years of falling all crazily in love with him and the zillion sweet memories. I MISS U MY PIGLET.

Bought SEXY LOOK strawberry acne remover from Taiwan!!!! Buy 1 get 1 free!!! PINK PINK PINK PINK PINK!!!! The strawberry smell is LOVE!!!!!! Buy one get one free somemore!!!! WHAHAHAHAH! Will update the review soonest!!!! ^^

I LOVE TAIPEI!! I have visited this shop for 7 years plus and always buy truckloads of things! They always have free gifts too! The teddy bears are free for you to take photo with!!!! TOO CUTE!!! HAPPY!!!

Got myself this "My Melody" finally!!!!!!!!! SHE IS SO CUTE and I can't get her outta my head for 2 months already!!!!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vote for your favourite Fresh face designs for #MARIGOLDPEELFRESH!

Vote for your favourite Fresh face designs for #MARIGOLDPEELFRESH!


I won the MUSEE facebook contest for the MR RIGHT contest~ I need to pay only $100 instead of the promotional $138 with no gst for unlimited underarms ipl session!! Hehehe. Happy girl and will go for my first treatment on the national day! Wooohoo!

I went to the Plaza Singapura outlet, and my consultant is really friendly, professional and no hard selling at all! So far I am very happy with the service! Hehe! Also received a big MUSEE mirror!

I usually shave or eplilate the unsightly hair, but my consultant said that it will only hurt the skin!! FML. To the person who told me epliating is good, THANK YOU!!!! >_< I have serious ingrown hair on my legs... *SOBS* my legs are damn ugly! I also read that I should scrub frequently. ARGH. Wrong!!!!!! Apply lots of lotion to the part which is affected by ingrown hair! Same for the armpits! I was shocked and asked again, "Oh, what kind of lotion?!" Consultant "*smile* you can use the lotion which you are comfortable with. However, I know it will feel uncomfortable to apply at your underarms therefore you may like to apply the lotion before just before you sleep." *NODS NODS*

I will definitely do ipl for my legs too. *SOBS*

Friday, July 22, 2011

Loving and Pampering Myself

First to LOVE myself MORE in New Zealand and then organic masking time in Korea!!!!! Life is awesome!!!!
Sent via BlackBerry from SingTel!

Be the trend setter and get your friends to hop on board with #ChurpChurp! :)

Be the trend setter and get your friends to hop on board with #ChurpChurp! :)

Unlock a sizzling deal at McDonald’s! Check-in at any McDonald’s restaurant on FB Places! Learn more about it here

Unlock a sizzling deal at McDonald’s! Check-in at any McDonald’s restaurant on FB Places! Learn more about it here

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

❤ ElishaCoy Chestnut Husk & Houttuynia Cordata

Ahem, i've been doing different masks and took photos and this is probably the only one with me in nice hair!!!!! :( I don't understand how other pretty bloggers can look chio and have dry hair with masks~~ I use mask after my bath thus my hair is super wet or unglam~~~ *bbrrrrrrrrrrr*

Pore care!!! My major skin problem is my PORE PORE PORE. First time I chanced upon pore care mask. :D ELISHACOY FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE THE PICTURES TO SEE THE DIFFERENCE! Anyway, nothing much to write on masks review and what we want is basically the result and the difference RIGHT? EHHEHEHE

Add caption

Sheet mask with eye mask care!! :D and relaxing on the Udivine Massage chair with soothing music for 15 minutes. HEH! LIFE IS FABULOUS! Scent is a nice and light chestnut smell. ^^ I've actually used all 5 ElishaCoy Essence Masks and I LOVE THEM ALL! My favourite is Ricebran Whitening!! :D The softness and baby-like skin lasts for 3-4 days. MUHAHAH! HAPPY!!!

YAY! Scars are lighter, and redness on skin tone down ALOT. CLOSE CLOSE CLOSE my pores!! :D ElishaCoy mask is my #1~~~~~~

Visit to get the masks!! i've stock up ElishaCoy masks in my masks collection. WOOHOO!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

秋 2010 - 光様一 BPM Concert !!




❤ REVIEW: Love More Kiwi Acnes All Out Set

[UPDATE] 12 March 2012 - Hi readers! I have one box of brand new Love More New Zealand Kiwi Acnes All Out Set! Do leave a comment or drop me an email at to let me know if you are interested! Selling this one precious box at $22.90 and free normal mail in Singapore.  ^^ I'll consider getting them for you if I do receive email regarding it!

Being a woman is not EASY at all. We get bashed if we overdo our hair, make up, skirt is slightly shorter (u can don't look at my fat thighs what), slightly low cut top, get all GUILTY if we eat the all so yummy but sinful chocolate fudge cake, and some boyfriends or husbands commenting we look fat, or complaining tt we are naggy (this is caring and not naggy)! we all deserve the MAN who tells us we are amazing and beautiful everyday! :)

WELL, basically a girl has to make sure that she is in perfect condition, seriously from HEAD to TOE, REALLY. Sighs!!!!!!!!!! :( Other than some of the biggest issues I face about sleeping late (health), the pounds I've put on since work started (cos I snack a lot when I'm all stressed up! I have finally started my replacement meals again to lose weight in a healthy way~) , one mega huge headache I faced is the SUPER IRRITATING BLACKHEADS!!!!!!!!!!!! Pimples do pop out some times but at least they stay for a few days only. BLACKHEADS, NO!!!!! THEY NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!

I used to use the very common and easy to find peel off paper mask. They claim to tighten my pores but I seriously doubt so. Recently, I have been using the new Love More New Zealand Kiwi Acnes All Out Set for a couple of weeks ( i try to use them once a week~) and I am a convertor!! KIWI is one of my favourite fruit and I read that it makes your skin fair and other benefits~~ Smelling KIWI while removing blackheads sounds totally great! The set is not pricey at all with an easy 3 tubes 3 steps ~~ 1st tube softens your skin and blackheads for easier blackheads remover, 2nd tube is the kiwi mask that you spread a just-nice amount over the blackhead victimized areas and leave it to dry for about 20 minutes, and the 3rd and last tube to close up your pores! EASY EASY!!!!!!!!

Blackheads, whiteheads and acnes can you all please break up with me!!!

Step 1: SOFTENS the blackheads, whiteheads and acnes!!!

Leave the remover for around 20 minutes when it is fully dry~

OMG!! SO DISGUSTING but so shiok (Singaporean style of describing something that is AMAZINGLY SHOCKING AND GOOD!) to see them on the mask and removed from my nose!!!!

YAY, OUT THEY GO AND LEFT WITH the 3rd step!! Very important!!!!! Close my pores, close my pores!!!!!

In case anyone got disgusted by my blackheads, whiteheads and acnes, this is the USUAL me you will see!! Not so scary ok!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Acuvue Vivid Style

I went for the trail for the Acuvue Vivid Style Dailies~ 5 pairs at $15 with consultation. :) Eyesight has worsen once again!! :((((((( 175 for my left and 125 for my right!!! Last year was 175 and 100~~ VERY DEPRESSING!!!! Anyway, can you guess which is with the transparent lens and which is the Vivid Style? LOL. Sadly, there is not much difference to me~~~~ though my darling friend said it is very obvious that my eyes are brown. boohoo!

Well, the reasons for the minimal difference should be as followed:
#1 My iris is probably considered BIG
#2 My eyes are already big, so the iris which is supposed to enhanced normal eye size has no effect for me
#3 My iris is really BLACK that brown does not show up. D:

But the Acuvue Vivid Style Dailies are really comfy and leave my eyes really moisturized! When it comes to contact lens, I must say I only use the best for my eyes as they are probably the most important organ to me! (And i used blackberry and macbook pro, and watch TV wayyyyy tooooo much, poor eyes.)

Anyway, the second picture is the one which I am wearing Acuvue Vivid Style Dailies~ LOL. I must say 0.1% difference ya? What do you think?

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Sent via BlackBerry from SingTel!

SO COOL, so now i can update directly using email. :D


HAHAHHA, I have decided to return to this abandoned blogspot. HIHIHIHIHI!!


My Birthday is a few days later, but I had a surprise party celebrated it with two groups of lovelies. I AM SO BLESSED!!

Uploaded vocations photos from erm.. 2009. :P I AM REALLY VERY LAZY and new resolution is that I will pimp myself up and blog!

2010 was a vocation year as I went to Japan (thrice!! ^^), Taiwan and the long awaited USA for a month! woohoo~~ I will take time off to update here whenever I can, especially uploaded photos from my vocations last year! Half way done with virgin trip to Japan~~~ JAPAN, I LOVE YOU AND YOU WILL BE FINE!!!!!!!!!

Gonna update about my amazing life and things I love: family, kitties, friends, #1, #2, beauty products, fashion, music... etc :DDDD

Finally went back to the work force doing something I really love! Never did I thought that I will join the beauty industry. HEHEHEHE, I will work hard despite all the mountains to climb. FIGHTINGGGGGGGGGGGGG Kiyora!

Anyway, NEW BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

Pentax Optio Rz10. LOVE IT SO CUTESY!!!! PURPLE!!! I was contemplating between this or the GREEN one. HAHA! Basically this cutie has editing functions to edit without the need of computer. COOL BABY!

Kobe 1/1/10

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