Saturday, August 27, 2011


Got PUPA's crack though I haven't really been a fan of CRACK nails actually. :P Saw this selling at a set of 2, S$19.90 in Watsons and decided to get it since the color is cute!
With super easy instruction given. Step 1: Apply the base coat - white. Then I waited for 4 minutes..

PS: I applied my own Sally Hansen's Base Coat too. ^^ Base coat is important!

After 4 minutes or so... apply the deco crack of 1 layer! TADAH!! It appeared in less than 2 second and the crack appears. Mom is amused when i showed her. HAHA

SUPER FAST AND EASY. Took less than 10 minutes to finish my nails with base and top coat. Best thing about crack is.... I don't even have to apply the first color layer nicely. HAHAHA.
Spent a bomb on them!! Wanted to collect all 6 but after getting 5 different ones i kept getting repeated ones. :((((

Kiyo-chan taking a walk.... heeheheheeh

New hair color! Copper + Orange this time!! Bleached my bangs so now duo color!! hehehe!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

PINK Overloaded and update

I went back to Taipei for the 6th time! I LOVE THAT COUNTRY AND HER PEOPLE. I feel more going back home than Singapore, really. Anyway, some sneak previews to share!!

Went to see the most handsome man in Taiwan. :) Always damn happy to see him! Seeing his delighted smile makes everything worthwhile! *MUAHS* Also very amazing to talk to the rest of the crew like friends~~ :( 14 years of  supporting him, 7 years of falling all crazily in love with him and the zillion sweet memories. I MISS U MY PIGLET.

Bought SEXY LOOK strawberry acne remover from Taiwan!!!! Buy 1 get 1 free!!! PINK PINK PINK PINK PINK!!!! The strawberry smell is LOVE!!!!!! Buy one get one free somemore!!!! WHAHAHAHAH! Will update the review soonest!!!! ^^

I LOVE TAIPEI!! I have visited this shop for 7 years plus and always buy truckloads of things! They always have free gifts too! The teddy bears are free for you to take photo with!!!! TOO CUTE!!! HAPPY!!!

Got myself this "My Melody" finally!!!!!!!!! SHE IS SO CUTE and I can't get her outta my head for 2 months already!!!!!!
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