Monday, June 27, 2011

Acuvue Vivid Style

I went for the trail for the Acuvue Vivid Style Dailies~ 5 pairs at $15 with consultation. :) Eyesight has worsen once again!! :((((((( 175 for my left and 125 for my right!!! Last year was 175 and 100~~ VERY DEPRESSING!!!! Anyway, can you guess which is with the transparent lens and which is the Vivid Style? LOL. Sadly, there is not much difference to me~~~~ though my darling friend said it is very obvious that my eyes are brown. boohoo!

Well, the reasons for the minimal difference should be as followed:
#1 My iris is probably considered BIG
#2 My eyes are already big, so the iris which is supposed to enhanced normal eye size has no effect for me
#3 My iris is really BLACK that brown does not show up. D:

But the Acuvue Vivid Style Dailies are really comfy and leave my eyes really moisturized! When it comes to contact lens, I must say I only use the best for my eyes as they are probably the most important organ to me! (And i used blackberry and macbook pro, and watch TV wayyyyy tooooo much, poor eyes.)

Anyway, the second picture is the one which I am wearing Acuvue Vivid Style Dailies~ LOL. I must say 0.1% difference ya? What do you think?

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