Wednesday, December 26, 2012

☆ Dip Dye DIY by Uniquerika!

Monji Style!
So it was Mongji-style for me that day as I was in a rush to meet Erika! No makeup, hair in a mess, and spects is the way to go! LOL.

Erika bought two different dyes Plum and Flamingo Pink, and she did dip dye for herself with plum and the color is AWESOME!!!!!!! She said she spent 7hrs doing it while dozing off and woke up in the midst of two bleaching! Wow!!!!! Hers is super niceeeeeeeee!
Hearts x infinity!!!!!!!!
Since I love both purple and pink, I don't mind any but we chose the more daring Flamingo Pink for me since I am not doing Dip Dye for the end of the hair. I prefer something that is can see, cannot see like that. LOL!!!!!!!!! I wanted only one inner layer + a bit of the fringe. I was searching images of the hair to show Erika and she kind of know what I want. DIFFICULT TASK HUH! :X

Just so happened that I saw this picture when going to meet her! :P
One important step is to bleachhhhhh your hair baby!
Erika is so innovative! She cut the big red plastic bag and put as the protector for me. LOL LOL!! I'm like Red Ridding Hood. Oh, Erika tied my lower hair so that only one inner layer of hair is dip dyed! :D
Regretted posting this photo up. Bare face + forehead..... -_- The effects make the photo much better!
Erika kept that my hair is very long!!! But I just chopped off 4 inches!!! But really looks super long. lol!
HAHA, so the fringe highlight looks like this.... did not bleach the fringe though. ^^
It looks more reddish pink than flamingo pink though. LOL, the bleach is not enough we guess! But I like the color as it is now!
So that day we were like, we must take a photo of us rolling eyes! I CAN'T ROLL MY EYES. :((((((((((
This is the reason why! LOL. GD can roll eyes like a boss!!!!!!

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