Thursday, November 19, 2009


HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am finally going to the Country I fell in love with since I am 11!!!! 王子様~~待ってね!^^ I was going crazy planning the itinerary~~ the subway map is COMPLICATED!!!!!!!!! LOL. I GONNA BECOME 半個日本人 too after being crowned 半個臺灣人~ !!!! HURRY!! I LOVE JAPAN!!!!~~~ I feel as if I am going home!!!

Doubt i will go Taiwan next year... cos i also wanna go HongKong and Macau~~ I havent been to Macau, and HK... duno for how long. Dear everyone stop asking me if i wanna go Taiwan please!! Every few weeks a darling will ask, "U wanna go Taiwan?" or "你什麽時候要再來臺灣呢?" lol~~~~~~ I wanna see my darlings in Taiwan too.... *pouts*

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