Tuesday, October 30, 2012

❤ BYS - Colorful Nail Polishes Launch

Even before the launch at Watsons Singapore, I was one of the lucky few to try out BYS (Join their Facebook to get updates) Nail Polishes at Tara Apothecary in Bugis last Wednesday! Everyone at Tara Apothecary were so friendly and hospitable towards us. Thank you! ^_^

Thank you dearie Herine for the invitataion! She is super nice to me, always invite me here and there. :D That day she even helped me paint my nails and fed me cookies. hahaha!

I just love the design of the poster so much! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ So much love and very colorful! Btw, do you know the meaning of BYS? Be Your Self! Yeah, definitely very important to Be Your Self! Everyone is unique and should not try to be a copycat! Find yourself, and you will find happiness! lol. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kim Jong Kook - Words I want to Say to You (Feat. Gary, Haha )

THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!! DAEBAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commander Kookie finally releases his new album. HIS VOICE is so so sweet which is a vast difference to his super muscular body!

The second preview he released is "Words I want to say to you" Feat. Gally Gally and Haroro! SO HAPPY!

I love this song and spamming it today!


HAHAHA, and today is Tuesday (Singapore) which is equivalent to Gary's Day!!! Subtitles of latest Running Man episode is up! :DDDD

LYRICS VIA http://www.kjkglobal.com/

너에게 하고 싶은 말
Words I Want To Say To You

KJK: 너에게 하고 싶은 말이 정말로 많이 남았어
하지만 아무 말도 난 할 수 없을 거야
There are still a lot of words left that I want to tell you
But I can’t seem to say anything at all

하하)너 없인 하루도 못 산다고
죽어도 보낼 수가 없다고
수천 번을 다짐해도
소리 없이 내린 눈물에
지쳐있는 너의 두 어깨에
어느새 아무 말없이 고갤 떨구네
Haha) Without you I can’t live even one day
Even if I die I can’t send you away
I pledge this thousands of times
In front of those tears that fell with no sound
In front of your tired shoulders
Suddenly no words came out of me

개리)우리 사랑이 이젠 지루해
헤어짐의 기로에 서서 기도해
이 엇갈림의 미로에서 빨리 빠져 나오길
너무나 기나긴 권태라는 시간은 이제 이쯤에서 끝나길
보고 싶어 웃는 너의 얼굴
무엇보다 그것이 나에겐 가장 큰 선물
작은 니 손을 꽉 잡고 걷고 싶어
햇살 가득 맞으며 함께 걷던 곳을
Gary) Our love has become tedious now
We’re standing and praying at the intersection of separation
Wanting to walk out quickly from this staggering maze
We’ve been on this time of weariness for too long that now we’re at an ending point
I want to see your laughing face
More than anything that will be the biggest gift for me
I want to hold tight your small hands
Walking together as the sun sets

*. 너에게 하고 싶은 말이 정말로 많이 남았어
하지만 아무 말도 나 할 수 없을 거야
이제는 사랑한단 말도 한마디 말로만 남아
울지도 못하고 니 앞에만 서있네
* There are still a lot of words left that I want to tell you
But I can’t seem to say anything at all
Now the only word that remains is the words I Love You
I can’t even cry and instead just stand in front of you

하하)미안하단 말이 미안해 사랑해란 말로 대신해
널 붙잡고 잡아봐도 차라리 화라도 내줬으면
차갑게 등이라도 돌리면 이제는 보내줄 수 있을 것 같은데
Haha) I’m sorry that I’m saying ‘sorry’ instead of ‘I Love You’
I’m getting mad rather than grabbing on and holding on to you
When you turn your back coldly now I think I can send you off

개리)때로는 나도 화가나 지금껏 우리 사랑한
시간 속에서 추억들만 멍하니 바라봐
하나 둘씩 서로를 알아간 수줍었던 시작도 행복했던 시간
이제는 정말 되돌릴 수 없는 걸까?
너와 나 서로 다른 것을 원하나?
혹시 이러다 정말로 돌이킬 수 없음 어쩌나?
이제는 제발 니 맘을 나에게 털어놔
Gary) Sometimes I also get mad
Until now I look blankly at the times we were in love
One by one starting to know one another shyly those happy times
Now can we really not turn back?
Do we really want something different you and I?
Could it be there’s no way to come back?
Right now please trust your heart to me
*. Repeat

내 앞엔 아직도 니가 보이는데
넌 여전히 눈이 부신데 oh
I still see you in front of me
You still dazzle me oh

*. Repeat
울지도 못하는 니 앞에만 서있네
I can’t even cry and instead just stand in front of you

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Food - International POT LUCK!

Hellos! This time round I have something different! Not any food from restaurant or cafe, International Pot Luck it is! :D Had a mini gathering with my Japanese classmates Joanne and Irena, with ou Japanese teacher Gima-sensei and his housemate, Ishizawa-san! LOL, really INTERNATIONAL POTLUCK!

Salad!!!!!!! Don't you think the color is super nice? So healthy eh~~~ actually we ended up not touching it as we were too full after the international pot luck food!!

We can cook dukboki!LOL! Damn awesome! So spicy~~~~~~~

Indonesian Popian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Prepared by Gima-sensei!!!! Okinawa specialty food~~ Bitter gourd + luncheon meat + dao bo! LOVE IT~~  I wanna go to Okinawa now!!!!!!

By the way, Gima-sensei that after his many years of teaching, our class is the FIRST time that has all girls! That is how bad my luck with guy is.... >_< Don't even have luck NOW. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that change soon! However, no luck with guy is better than meeting douchebags and I had enough of them.

Cheers! WEEKENDS COMING~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

❤ Sponsored - LoveMore Aqua Brulee Deep Hydrating

Love More Moisturizing Aqua Brûlée is water based and replenish the much needed moisture to your skin. It is not sticky and oily after application. The smell is so fantastic that you will feel relaxed after application. The Aqua Brulee is ultra moisturizing, providing moisture to all layers of the skin. No more dull skin for me!

What I want to rave about is, the first time I tried Aqua Brulee without using the Aqua Pump and Aqua Dew, I CAN FEEL THE AQUA BRULEE on my face, just like water droplet is getting into my skin! The feeling is just awesome~~ moisture moisture from Aqua Brulee, no more dull and oily skin for me!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you Sarina and Boss for passing me these awesome LoveMore Aqua moisturizing series!!!!!! Thank you for giving me better skin!!!!!!!

Will continue using it till the last drop!

I want to stay using my new Laneige blackhead melting gel~~~ or should I start the SexyLook Strawberry Acne clear! Tell me about it~~~~~ lol. Choices.

Monday, October 15, 2012

❤ Sponsored - LoveMore Aqua Dew Deep Hydrating


Step 1 is LoveMore Aqua Pump, and now we are on Step 2 Aqua Dew!

Formulated with natural organic botanical ingredients, with long hours of moisture retention. This serum has moisturizing compound with 3 times more concentration than normal essence! After application of LoveMore Aqua Pump Deep Hydrating, then the Aqua Dew my skin definitely feel more moisturized, and face is not so oily throughout the night, and also throughout the day!

Come back tomorrow for the my raving for the Aqua Brulee review!!!!!
 Can you see, KingKing? ^_^

Super tanned Panda from breadtalk. CUTE!

New solo album from my prince!!! LOVE EVERY SONG as I always do. HEHE!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

❤ Sponsored - LoveMore Aqua Pump Deep Hydrating

 Wow, so I scheduled a couple of entries for the series of LoveMore Aqua series (actually only 3~ lol)

Perhaps you want to read the Aqua Mask Whitening first, before continuing? :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

LUNA SEA シンガポール来ています!

I am totally hyperventilating when the official news that LUNA SEA will be in Singapore for their concert in 8 Feb 2013 was out! Attending LUNA SEA's concert is in my wishlist! Wishes really really come true! LOA is always working as long as you believe in it! Just like my blog's cover page~~~ "IF I CAN DREAM IT, I CAN DO IT".

Too many wishes I had came true since I was a kid, as I STRONGLY BELIEVE in them. ;))))))))))))))))) One example was I said that I will not come back to Singapore when I visit Japan unless I see Koichi-sama!~~ and I will visit Japan before I turn 24. These two totally came trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in 2009! I went to Japan without CONCERT TOUR J ticket, and just super contented that I was able to visit TOKYO, and KinKi Kids were having their annual tour, and chanced upon the concert ticket 20 hours before. Till date, I've attended KinKi Kids' concert, Koichi-sama's solo concert, and his musical SHOCK! :))))))))))))

For more news and pre-order tickets, you can join the official facebook Luna Sea Singapore Street Team.


Meanwhile, let us listen to I FOR YOU which always makes my eyes wet, though I must admit when I first listened to it when I was 13-14 year old, I had no idea what the Japanese lyrics, as my Japanese improved over the years, the song means much more to me! :)))))))


I also love love love GRAVITY, just how much memory the sound of the electric guitar brings back to when I was in secondary school! lol~~~~~~~

Thursday, October 11, 2012

FOOD - Manhanttan Fish Market at Plaza Singapura

Hehe, I think I had Manhanttan Fish Market food for only three times! Normally my choice is Fish and Co~~~~~ lol. My neighbor at office!!

Cheese Fries at $3.90 only~~ *DROOLS* Looking at this photo makes my stomach growl again!! I WANT TO EAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caesar Salad $7.50 + Grilled Chicken $3.00~~

OMG YUMMY AGAIN! The chicken is soft and tasty~~ salad is very fresh! What can go wrong with Caesar Salad~~~

Giant Fried Platter at $35.90 Grilled fish fillet, prawns and calamari with garlic herb mussels, and the Garlic Herb rice is sooo yummy I can't stop eating! Fish and Co, I'm sorry I have to betray you! But your calamari is my true love~~~~~~~ lol.

Definitely the people I love the most in the world!!!!!!!! I look more like my Dad~~ I have his eyes and nose!! lol~~~

My second elder sister says hello~~~~~~ Actually she was the one who brought us for this dinner! She bought the groupon which was pay $40 to enjoy $80 meal! (i think that is the amount... lol)~~~ So worth it!!!!!!

Since nobody took photo for me, so I must take  selca myself~~~~ this was taken some weeks back.. .my face was so bloated~~~~ T_T~~~

Anyway, I decided to share yummy food post every THURSDAY from now~~  Haha, so at least you guys can have an idea where to go eat over the weekends! That is provided I manage to have food that I want to recommend! I won't recommend what is not delicious! :))))

Manhanttan Fish Market
Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #06-07 
TEL: 6835 9300

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

❤ Sponsored - LoveMore Aqua Mask Skin Whitening

Pinku Pinku packaging can never fail to make me like it! And then there is ROSE!!! :DDDDDD One of my favourite scents!!!!!

Maybe you'll like to catch up on the previous reviews I did for Lovemore masks!! ^^

Saturday, October 6, 2012

FOOD - BBQ Chicken at West Coast Plaza

Had dinner with Mummy over at West Coast Plaza sometime back at BBQ Chicken Singapore! Which actually originated from Korea!!

Mom with her coffee and Seafood Marinara! She said it was quite yummy~~~ she managed to finish the whole plate of food!

What I had~~~ Olive Curry Powder Crisp!  I like it!! Spicy but not over spicy and the chicken is really crispy! :DDDD Fries were yummy too!

Forgot what drink I ordered! lol~~~~~~~~~~~ minty peach or something!

I like to go to West Coast Plaza the wide variety of food, and usually there is not much of a queue!!! Wanted to bring mom to do pedicure at Jas-indugled but they close at 8pm ~~ T_T~

West Coast Plaza
154, West Coast Road
#02-45, West Coast Plaza
Singapore 127371
Tel: 6776 6318

Check out other outlets here!! :))
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