Sunday, June 24, 2012




HAHAHAHAHA. SUPER Buay Hiao Bai (thick skin) to send the email in order to attend the event and have to say "I am CUTE"! Thank you for choosing me with the photo I sent......... :) I did say in the email.... lol lol.

Monday, June 11, 2012

"Floral Intoxicated" Exclusively Manufactured by TheMustardCustard


Summer is here! I love florals and I own several floral tops, dresses, maxis~~~~~ I love all 3 colors, what about you?

If you are not the super girly girl and too shy to wear sweet florals, you can try Faye in Black ~ Floral but still chic! :D

I love Faye in Light Brown the most as this is sooooooooo sweet! I can imagine wearing this to a pinic or a first date!!!!!!!!!

Faye in Blue
is for those who likes vibrant colors and wants to stand out from the crowd! Hard not to notice you with this pretty dress! ^^

Quote "xkiyora" in order to enjoy 10% off~~~~~~~ Join the facebook too!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

♡ Review: MAJOLICA MAJORCA King Lash Mascara ♡

Got my hands on MAJOLICA MAJORCA King Lash Mascara with the longest in MM history with 5mm fibers! That is why the name is KING~~ omg, same name my baby boy KingKing~ ^^ Just the packaging itself is something girls will want to buy!!!

If you did follow my previous reviews on MM mascara, it is definitely one of my favourite mascara!!!! Do note that I did apply the MM black fibres!


Friday, June 8, 2012

ミ☆ 日光 2012 ★彡

"Nikko is a town at the entrance to Nikko National Park, most famous for Toshogu, Japan's most lavishly decorated shrine and the mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate. "

We took a 2 hours plus train ride from Asakusa to Nikko! Kept raining the 3 days 2 nights in Nikko... :((((((((((((((((( But we still enjoyed ourselves! Love the Kanji of Nikko,日光! Not far from busy Tokyo and is a very lovely and zen place. :) Love it! Will go back and visit the 2 theme parks which we did not have time to! :( More reason to visit Japan!

Saw the new TOKYO Skytree from Asakusa station!


PhotobucketLove Nikko Park Lodge where we stayed! It is like a mini apartment with kitchen, heater, cooler, heated blanket~ I want an apartment in Japan too! *_* We never turn on the cooler at all as it was raining. The temperature went down to 13-15 on the second day. Thank goodness we did not catch a cold! Must be the kami-sama who blessed us!



 I SO LOVE Japan! Everywhere is filled with cute colorful flowers! Never ever get this in Singapore... :( Universal Osaka is opening the Harry Potter ride in end 2014! ANOTHER REASON TO GO!!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

❤ SPONSORED: Lovemore Kiss Purple Crystal & Peptide Moisturizing Duo Mask


So you want to have beautiful crystal skin like Cyndi Wang? Not really a fan of her but can't deny that her skin is indeed super fair!!!!!!!!!! I am or ba dei (originally with healthy tanned skin) and do wish I am fairer.......... One thing is she even won over one of my goddess Sui Tang's ex-boyfriend....!!!!!~~~~~ *SUPER KPO* So now, us girls can charm quite good-looking guys too with the secret of Cyndi.......... (I wish....... I really wish it is that easy. lol)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

♡ Love Songs ♡

NEW AND FRESH FROM YOUTUBE!!!!! BIGBANG's "MONSTER"!!! How is it that I already feel high when I hear TOP's talking...... *blown away* LOVE IT! GD and Taeyang's hairstyles... haha, i can't understand but it is for the MV! I want to get TOP's dirty blonde hair. WHY IS HE SO PERFECT LOOKING~~~~ LOVE!

Recently I am so in love with Kang Gary due to Running Man!!!! He is such a cute, sweet and innocent guy!!!!! (at least in the show!) Go Straight Gary, Peaceful Gary!!!!!! I have always been a fan of hip-hop and rap songs, and I am glad to find out that he is actually a rapper from one of the most talented and famous k-hiphop duo, LeeSsang!!!!! I LOVE HIS SWAG when he raps and Gil's voice is daebak!!!!!! OMG, after listening to my Gelly Gelly's rap.... I think he raps even better than T.O.P~~~~ 

LeeSsang recently released their 8th album "UNPLUGGED" and I can't wait to get my hands on this album!!!!!!! Listen to someday, and I swear it touches and breaks my heart!!!!! *GELLY GELLY* I hope my sister manages to get "UNPLUGGED" and also BigBang's "Still Alive" which will be releasing early June when she visits Korea with my parents! *ENVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Hope she can get more of LeeSsang's album!!!!

My favourite song of the moment is "SOME DAY" the first song of LeeSsang that I am sharing. Already love the song at the start, even though I properly understand 2% of the song. LOL. The English and some Korean I picked up from Korean shows! After knowing the lyrics... it makes me cry... :( Everytime I hear, I feel the pain my heart..... Really a very very very daebak sugoi song!! *sniffs*


My Love is yet another super heartbreaking song! I LOVE LEESSANG!!!!!!

Hello Mr Piglet!!! Long time no see nor hear!!!!! Sad to say, i am quite disappointed with his recent album except this emo song! :( WHY no more good exciting songs? :( and i miss you!!!!!!!!

LeeSsang's songs are number one in my playlist!!!
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