Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mini Holiday as there is no Public Holiday in Feb and Mar!

Checked in to Festive Hotel Room 0479 with one of my BFFs(who says I cannot have many BFFs?) Erika whom I know from my first full-time job way back in 2006! :D Friendship which lasted more than 5 years are then considered true friendship!

As her birthday is round the corner in March, and I seriously need a getaway to fight the bad streak of luck and moodiness (Because of Kiyo to be exact :()  so we decided to get the package of 2D1N Festive Hotel + Universal Studios at $196 each! Cheaper than I thought!

Bed is so fluffy and can't bear to fall asleep! HAHA!

We went to Maritime Experiential Museum to know more about the history about Southeast Asia’s maritime trade between the East and the West from the 9th to 19th century~~~ Entrance fee is $5, and the mini typhoon experience theatre is $6. I don't understand but why the actors who are Chinese in the show spoke in English instead! Hilarious leh~

You can visit the different countries to get your chop! :D

Cool pop art!

Giraffes were mistaken as sea monsters then. hehe!

Dinner at Malaysia Food Street. Cute concept but the food is so not worth it! Give me my real yummy Penang Laska! I think you should go to KFC instead.

My forehead says hello there! =X

ME: We must take a picture to show that we are at RWS!!!

Anyways, conclusion of USS = Dry, SUPER wet, dry, wet, dry, wet, dry, SUPER wet, dry, wet, dry!
This Madagascar ride made me SUPER WET already... *sniffs* my bag!!!!!! Not telling you where I sat. =X

SO CUTE THE LITTLE ONE! I caught the first movie but I'm not sure if I caught the second one.. heehee. I think I did! hmm...

I aim to grow my hair to this length! 

Just kidding~~~~~ :)

Another place for you to get WET, EXTREMELY WET.


XD chou kawaii ne!!!!!!!!

Penguins!! Cat is my favourite animal and Penguin is my second favourite! I'll love to keep one if I CAN!!!!!!! Slow loris is my third favourite!!!!!

The two photos with the penguins are so nice right?! 

But actually it came from.....

The same photo cropped into two!! HAHAHAHHA! Awesome or what.

 I know right I totally blend in!!!!!!!!!! XD

OMG, my biggest idol of all times Marilyn Monroe (though she is fake~~) but so happy!!!! XD

I want all the pizzas thank you!

Lunch at Louis! Much yummier~~ and the honey wings is love!

First time I see Charlie Chaplin in color and not B&W!!! LOL 

This is EPIC!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAH! and he really PULLED my hair ok! LOL

I totally come for this TRANSFORMERS ride! SO SO SO EXCITING!!!! 4D + Stimulator + Rollercoaster! :DDDDDDDDDDDDD Took twice somemore!

Saw their performance again!

Alex why you put your hands on my............ -_______________-

Look at his body... woo~

Saw him the second time and he was so happy to us! HAHA!

 One of my fave stories! U don't need to be perfect to have a happy ending!

I want my happy ending soonest too! May you have your happy ending too!

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