Sunday, April 24, 2011


Sent via BlackBerry from SingTel!

SO COOL, so now i can update directly using email. :D


HAHAHHA, I have decided to return to this abandoned blogspot. HIHIHIHIHI!!


My Birthday is a few days later, but I had a surprise party celebrated it with two groups of lovelies. I AM SO BLESSED!!

Uploaded vocations photos from erm.. 2009. :P I AM REALLY VERY LAZY and new resolution is that I will pimp myself up and blog!

2010 was a vocation year as I went to Japan (thrice!! ^^), Taiwan and the long awaited USA for a month! woohoo~~ I will take time off to update here whenever I can, especially uploaded photos from my vocations last year! Half way done with virgin trip to Japan~~~ JAPAN, I LOVE YOU AND YOU WILL BE FINE!!!!!!!!!

Gonna update about my amazing life and things I love: family, kitties, friends, #1, #2, beauty products, fashion, music... etc :DDDD

Finally went back to the work force doing something I really love! Never did I thought that I will join the beauty industry. HEHEHEHE, I will work hard despite all the mountains to climb. FIGHTINGGGGGGGGGGGGG Kiyora!

Anyway, NEW BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

Pentax Optio Rz10. LOVE IT SO CUTESY!!!! PURPLE!!! I was contemplating between this or the GREEN one. HAHA! Basically this cutie has editing functions to edit without the need of computer. COOL BABY!

Kobe 1/1/10

Tokyo 30/12/09

Last Day in my dearest Tokyo!!!! Saw Yamapi with "CODE BLUE" drama! Awesome drama but makes me cried too very much to my liking! :( Look at the Helicopter! The story is about doctors-trainees who are heli-doctors! They rescued people for emergency via Helicopter, like places cars are unable to go or to avoid jams for critical patients.

TOKYO TOWER!!!!!!!! Omg, been drooling over it for years! FINALLY I SEE YOU IN PERSON!

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