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❤ Sponsored - For Beloved One Extreme Hydration Bio-Cellulose Mask from Cozycot

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 便宜沒好貨,好貨不便宜(cheap stuff is not good, good stuff is not cheap) : For Beloved One Cosmeceutical Skincare from Taiwan

I was kindly sponsored again by my beloved Cozycot once again for "For Beloved One"!  Not trying to sound like a crazy person who is devoted to "Law of Attraction" but I really did say I wish to try "For Beloved One" when my friend who told me one piece of this mask cost over S$20 at Sephora! Thank you Cozycot and my LOA~~~ :)

The reason why the pricing!
I have already heard of "For Beloved One" long long time ago as it is a TOP selling Cosmeceutical Skincare from Taiwan!

The reason why it is so popular in Taiwan is because "For Beloved One" is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by celebrities like Barbie Hsu, Annie Yi, Niu Er Lao Shi! I am super super excited to try this mask and gasped when I received the email from Cozycot for the review! With some ups and downs, I finally got my hands on this BABY! My new LOVE!!!!!!!!!! 

By the way, I just want to clarify that all the things I shared about the products I tried are totally true and I don't just jump on every single chance to review any given product. I did not take up one of the products Cozycot offered as I already tried the product before and it will be better for other people to try ita. :) Do note that this is not an advertisement, and is my personal review after trying the product.

Anyway, before the review let me show you some of my Beloved Ones! ^^

My Little Princess KiraKira~ She is also interested with For Beloved One!
Funniest Kitten, King King!
My S3 is my Beloved One! I never have to miss any friend thanks to you! ^^
My Beloved Macbook Pro, and My Beloved xkiyora.blogspot! With KingKing's foot on the right. lol!
Let me go into the review regarding For Beloved One Extreme Hydration Bio-Cellulose Mask now!!!

Overflowing essence once I tore the package open!
3 layers of masks! Fret not! There are instructions on the back of the packaging, and below my photos on what to do!
Step 1: Remove the first layer or the netted mask
Step 2: Fit the non-shiny middle piece of mask onto your face, and tore the shiny piece of mask slowly from the mask.
Tadah! The 2 pieces of masks to protect any loss of the essence of the Bio-Cellulose mask.
The mask fits tightly and nicely onto my skin, and I actually feel my skin being lightly pushed tighter and higher.
When I removed the mask, I was thinking to myself "Even though this product is so highly raved (and expensive), don't anticipate too much in case I will feel disappointed". HOWEVER, at the second when I removed the mask, I let out a "Wah"... not a exaggerated "WAH" but an unbelievable "W.a.h" (if you get what I mean) when I look at my face in the mirror!

MY SKIN IS AT LEAST 5 SHADES BRIGHTER! *dizzy* Not exaggerating at the difference as I totally screamed at my sister to take a look at my face, and she was "Wow..... your face is really brighter"~~ My face is combination skin and normally will be oily 4-6hrs (or even lesser timing) after makeup, but the next few days after this maks... i never even experience sebum! AMAZING OR WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

This mask I will give it ☆ x infinity! You are now #1 favourite mask! Beaten my favourite ricebran mask finally.

And then and then... It is no wonder that "For Beloved One Extreme Hydration Bio-Cellulose Mask" is sweeping off so many Beauty awards at the Singapore Magazines!
Instant Moisture - BAZAAR Beauty Awards 2012
Best New Hydrating Mask - Elle Beauty It List 2012
Best Hydrating Mask - Singapore Women's Weekly's Best of Beauty Buys 2013

When do I think you should get "For Beloved One Extreme Hydration Bio-Cellulose Mask" (since the price is no joke unless you are super rich! :P)

If you want INSTANT, and LASTING RESULTS....
- First time you remove makeup infront of your crush/boyfriend/vain friends ;P
- Want to look gorgeous meeting your exclassmates/ex-boyfriends after many years
- Want to pamper yourself after all the hard work and sleepless night you poured into your job!

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Merry Christmas to you!!!!!!!!!!!

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