Thursday, December 13, 2012

☆ サマンサタバサ サマンサ フローラ 大 Samantha Thavasa Samantha Flora Large

Sometimes I really think I went into the wrong professional, I also want to go overseas every few months and on leave for weeks too. lol. My sis went to Japan AGAIN! ENVY MAX MAX MAX! :) So I was thinking if should ask her to help me get a Samantha Thavasa bag since it is much cheaper there than in Singapore, and my only ST bag spoiled. *HEART PAIN*  

So I checked and checked, think and think, and I decided on this Flora Large Bag! Tourist will have 5% off if you get stuff in departmental stores like OIOI, Takashimaya, Isetan... etc :)

I actually told my sister to not get this for me since I wanted to get Liz Lisa Fukubukuro! I better order soon as one of it is out of stock already!!

Sister bought the ST bag at Kansai airport, and 10% off. *HAPPY LAUGHTER* YEAH! So I got this at around S$370 only! Luckily this color is instock as the other bag my sis got did not have the color she wants. :P Will share the bag next time as it is also super cuteeeeeee!

kiss kiss kiss!

Got diamonds k... lol
LOVE THE BIG RIBBON! Ribbon is my weakness!
Cute mini pouch but I doubt I will put anything inside. ^^
This weekend will be crazy from morning to night! BRB! Enjoy your weekends!!!!

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