Wednesday, March 28, 2012

❤ Review: Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream + Secret Chiffon Pact

Please visit as I will shift over officially from february 2013. ^^

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE CANMAKE! All my friends know how often I praise CANMAKE for their products since I was in Poly~~ I always introduce GOKUBUTO when people asked me about Mascara, and my favourite Liquid Eyeliner when people ask about eyeliner! I always always visit to check out new releases and the names they give the colors and descriptions are always so cute!!!!!!

GOKUBUTO is the fully pink mascara, thick volume, curls which stay the whole day, length, easy to apply, with moisturizing benefits and make our lashes grow longer, best of all... remove just using warm water when you are in the shower! WHY U SO PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am currently not using it as I have others mascara but I'm DEFINITELY STOCKING up when I go to Tokyo in another month's time! :DDDD I CAN'T WAIT!!! I will definitely buy all the cute and limited stuff.... ANYBODY WANNA GET THEM? MUHAHAHAHA.

The liquid eyeliner is probably the one I trust! I remembered how i hate liquid eyeliner as I do not know how to draw, and I prefer mascara over eyeliner in Poly. I do not draw eyeliner until probably 2-3 years ago. Most of the times, I went to University classes without makeup. How not motivated I was that time to not bother to even dress up. LOL. Anyways, YOU NEED PRACTICE for liquid eyeliner!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first few times were SUPER flops for me as my hand shook BADLY. HAHAHA. I used to use pencil which is RIMMEL~~~~ SOFT and draw one time and I will be fine! 90% of the time I use Canmake Liquid Eyeliner when I am wearing makeup.

The Canmake products I have now~~~ lol, not sure when I will use the green eyeshadows. Anyone has any tutorial to teach me?! The Cheek & Highlight is also one of my favourite and it was gotten by my cousin for me when Watsons had sale last time which was actually the wrong color. LOL. Normally I use Love pink☆ but the one I have now is Rose Macaroon and the colour doesn't really show on my face! But it is okay, I CAN USE HIGHLIGHT! ^^

I also bought their gold and silver glitter nail polishes, foundation that controls sebum like a boss but controls too well that makes my skin dry (that's why I never introduce too)~~ I also tried GOKUBUNI and AGEBUTO mascara but both were *MEH* for me~~~ GOKUBUTO you are my true love!!!!! :)))))))))))

Firstly due to her Princessy and Glittery packaging and secondly because my goddess Lena Fuji had been their endorser since like forever! :( I am so very extremely sad that they changed her! Also Thirdly, CANMAKE is cheap. :D The prices are around the same in HONGKONG and Taiwan~~ HOWEVER, they are way way way cheaper in Japan. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

SEEING HOW SO SUPER VERY GORGEOUS she is, tell me which girl will not want to buy CANMAKE!!!!! Basically to me, CANMAKE = LENA FUJI, LENA FUJI = CANMAKE. Just like how VIVI Mag = Lena Fuji, Lena Fuji = VIVI Mag. I always wonder why am I not 10% as pretty as her~~~~ *life is not fair!* I also bought the cream cheek before, the second one from the right~ But it was only okay okay for me so I never introduce to anyone. lol.I think I need the first one of the right to show on my face. Please let me know which cosmetic brand is my goddess endorser if you know~~~

AFTER SO MUCH RUBBISH,  I want to share with you the new Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream + Secret Chiffon Pact! The last I checked, it was not in Singapore yet?!

Saw it in VIVI mag last Oct/Nov and got my sister to buy for me when she was in Japan in December 2011! THE PACKAGING IS SO GORGEOUS!!!!! OF COS BUY LAR without knowing nothing about it!!!!!!! This is me, i buy things because they are pretty~!!!!!!!!

OMG SO PRETTY, I use it at a minimum amount in fear that I will spoil the packaging. LOL. Do note that I copied the information from and edit easier for you to read!!!! Look at the ☆ and ♥ they included!!!!! SO KAWAII!!!!!!!!!

Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream

Contains 21 types of beautifying and moisturizing ingredients
Hyaluronic acid, collagen, ceramides, royal jelly extract, witch-hazel extract, arbutin, Job's tears extract, Saxifraga stolonifera extract, aloe vera extract, artichoke leaf extract, cherry leaf extract,
prune resolvent, seaweed extract, soybean extract, glycosyl trehalose, gingko extract, peach leaf extract, hydrolyzed silk, European white birch bark extract, multiflora rosehip extract

☆ Natural, yet with SUPERB coverage ♥
Remember when I went laser and I have those dry red skin? THIS BB CREAM COVERS THEM SO GOOD I GOT A SHOCK.  PLEASE DON'T GET A SHOCK AT MY PHOTO!!!

SEE THE DIFFERENCE!!!!!! ZERO EDIT I SWEAR ON BOTH PHOTOS!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THE COVERAGE!!!!!!!!!!!! How can i still smile on the first photo!!!!!!!! @_@ I can't believe guangxian, tok and ah toh saw my horrendous face then!!! BUT I know they still love me the same!!!!!!!!! LOL.

☆ SPF50 & PA+++, with a formulation that's gentle on your skin ♥
A skincare product that reduces the effect of the sun's rays and acts as a foundation with sheer coverage!

The springy cream containing beautifying ingredients clings tightly to the skin! While you are applying it, the cream cares for your skin!
SO WILL YOU BUY IT after seeing my true photo of the coverage abilities??!


CANMAKE Secret Chiffon Pact
♥ Non-shine finish without dryness!!!
♥ Mineral loose powder for long-lasting moisture.
♥ Just a dab clings tightly to your make-up ♥
♥ For chiffon-soft skin that you won't be able to help wanting to touch.
♥ SPF 20 PA++
♥ Double moisture-maintaining effect: inside and outside

:))))))))) For me right, loose powders are mostly the same... :PPPPPPPPPP These two should just go in a pair right?


AND AND AND............................ i am adopting a new kitten! Grab your seats handle or your bolster to stay clam! BEWARE THAT YOU ARE GETTING CUTENESS OVERDOSE.

SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! I will love him as much as I love Kiyo Angel and Rara!!!!!!!!!! I haven't decide on a name for him! Kisu? Kisses? T.O.P? Oppa? HAHAHHA...... I will be bringing him home next weekends then I should think. YOU ARE SUPER SO CUTE.


Monday, March 26, 2012

♡ Sponsored: Blackmores Radiance!

I can has RADIANT SKIN thanks to Blackmores and Watsons!

I attended Blackmores and Watsons Beauty Supplement Workshop about a week plus ago and was sponsored two boxes of Blackmores Radiance!

Tonight I took my first radiance night capsule! *sings Big Bang's TONIGHT*

WHAT IS Blackmores Radiance?

A skin supplement for day and night use, containing a combination of ingredients to provide 24 hour intensive nourishment for the deeper layers of your skin to help keep it healthy, youthful and glowing.

Features and benefits

  • Antioxidant such as vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, lutein and lycopene may help decrease premature ageing effects of sun damage and free radicals
  • Lutein has been documented to enhance skin elasticity and hydration
  • Vitamin C is essential for collagen production
  • Collagen-protein extract, Coenzyme Q10, antioxidants and combination of herbs help maintain integrity and structure of the skin.
Visit Blackmores - Radiance for more product information! ^^

  4 packs of Radiance in the box for 4 weeks of day and night supply!

Easy indication of night capsule and day capsule. :) If you forgot about the day capsule, you can always eat it at night together with the night capsule! Eat the capsule after your meal.

 Not to forget, remember to drink more water and sleep earlier to have healthier skin (I just do not bear to sleep earlier most of the time!!~~).

My main skin concern will be oily t-zone, fine lines appearing around eyes area and acne scar >_<. I am also turning 21 years 72 months in another month! D:  I am actually extremely worried for my skin as reproduction for collagen is slowing down already....


After toner, essence, moisturiser and etc, and after popping my night capsule! Zero edit with flash on camera. I will try to take a photo with no makeup every monday night until I finish the two boxes of radiance! :) PUT A SMALLER SIZE so as not to scare people~~~~~~~~ :( But still.... haha, looks soooooooooo tired.

As I said I went to do laser to remove mole and milias a week plus ago too! Skin has recovered except for the mole on my left cheek! It is so much lighter! Faster go away! I wish I have healthier and smoother skin!

Anyways, Blackmores Radiance is available in Watsons and leading pharmacies at $123 per box of 56 capsules. One day of Radiance will cost you $4.39 only, to have healthy, youthful and glowing skin! Reasonable much?

In order to compensate for my scary photo.... I'll share with you the sexiest man in the universe, T.O.P!~!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me how to not love this boy?! *blows kisses*

My colleague was telling me 1% of the guys in ZOUK on Friday looks like him. -_- I think she is cheating me to go with her!!!!!!!!!!!! With a clause though she said, "but they are around your height!" LOL LOL!!!!!!! No thanks!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

❤ EVENT: Blackmores and Watsons Beauty Supplement Workshop

Kitties I saw on my long walk into COOKYN  ~ so fluffy!!!

What a beauty!

Event was held at Cookyn Inc at Queenstown!

Beauty Talk from Blackmores and Watsons! I can has good skin soon too!

Collagen production decreases when we hit 25~~ *_* i ish very very scared ~~~~

Thank you Yijing dearie for reserving a seat for me. :D

 I eat a Vitamin C, and a blueberry capsule daily, do you? Vitamin C improves my immunity system ,and blueberry for my eyes since I spent so much time on the computer and TV! Vitamin C for good skin and whitening!~

Carotenoids include carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, papaya, and tomatoes... etc

Basically eat a lot of colorful vegetables and fruits! I love strawberries!

Chickpea hummus dip with crispy pita halfway through the talk in case we are hungry. :)

i missed out one slide! SORRY!

Daily day and night formula to be taken after your meal. :) If you forgot about it in the morning, you can take it together with the night capsule at night!

Super generous of Blackmores! 2 boxes of Radiance for each of us!! One box is $123~~~~~ *super thankful and grateful infinity* Available at all leading pharmacies & Watsons!

Time for us to start cooking!

 HAHAHA, to think I don't know Tiphanie is Tiphanie when we walked in together talking happily.. LOL LOL. I do know her online for some time and we also play Draw Something together lor. HAHAHA. KUKU! and of cos Verlyn dearie on my left! Should wait for Yijing's update and I'll steal the photo we took together. :)

Preparing our dessert!! YUMMY! Cake, strawberry and yogurt!

Made our own Berry yogurt trifle!

All ours ready to be chilled! 

*EYES WIDENS* Salmon!!!!!!!!!
Definitely got to try this out at home myself! :D So nice of them to pass us a copy of the recipe!

Vietnamese Spring Roll ~

Not exactly a fan of Vietnamese Springroll.. I prefer the chinese springroll!! lol

We all thought that we had the 3 dishes we prepared but no!!!! Wild rice salad with prawns~~~

Sous vide chicken!

Love this! 

Clams in rice wine !!

not a drop of rice wine left .. lol

Here comes my salmon.... really..... yummmmmmmmmmy!


Must take a photo with it since it looks so yummy!
Look! So yummy it sparkles! LOL.

 Last but not least, Chocolate truffles!!!!!! :DDD I had been eating chocolate truffles these few days as my deardear gave me a big packet last week. :DDD Love chocolate!!!

Group photo with other bloggers! :)

Yet to start on RADIANCE as I just went for laser to remove moles and milia on Friday! I have this prominent mole on my left cheek(fortune teller said bad for love luck! super!) and nose (looks like blackhead! argh), and one very big milia on my nose and forehead! 

I never know i have so many mini-milias~~~ lol. So now my face is in a very bad shape as it is recovering... so I'll take a better before taking Blackmores Radiance photo to be fair! Looking forward to see improvements for fine lines around my eye area!!!!! 

I CAN SOON TAKE BAREFACED PHOTOS WITH MORE CONFIDENCE though I still have pimple scars. lol. But there will be no need to edit away the milia on forehead, nose, and the mole on my nose! 

No more Rainie Yang look (bangs and mole ~ lol lol!)as I want to become Namie Amuro la. HAHA. I still love Rainie Yang alot but she no longer has bangs anyway! Im turning 21 years 72 months soon, so it is time for me to stop acting cute... *sobs*

ANYWAYS, join Blackmores FacebookWatsons Facebook, and lastly the amazing Cookyn Inc Facebook to show them lots of lots of love! Thank you again for the invitation and awesome event and yummylicious food! 

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