Friday, August 31, 2012

❤ Michelle Nail Color

NEON NEON NEON PINK nail polish! :D

I posted this photo and there were people asking me where did I get these two babies!

I got them from Cineleisure Level 2, not sure about the shop name but they sell all the cheap cheap stuff like iphone or s3 casing at $2!!! 

The nail polish "MICHELLE" is only $2.50 each, and 2 for $4!!! CHEAP~~~~~~ Made in Singapore! LOVE!

Who said cheap stuff = BAD. This nail polish is thick, easy to apply (just one coat will do), color true to what is on the bottle, and the best... it dries really FAST! :DDDDDDD

I think I will buy more! Gonna get the NEON colors for my friends~~~~~~~~

SHORT ENTRY... ENJOY your weekend! ;D

 Love the colors here!!

My sweet princess Rara!

TGIF to you~

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

❤ 4 Steps to Great Home Care After Waxing

I'm back with the review for the 4 products I received from  Wax XXX! LIKE their facebook now to win $200 vouchers when they have 2000 "likes" by 30th Sept 2012!

If you had yet to read my waxing experience with them, take a look at Wax XXX at Beauty Affairs before you continue reading!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hey Soulmate!

Written on my Samsung S3 yesterday. Love this new feeling! I am waiting for you, soulmate! :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

❤ Genki Sushi + Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant + Baikohken

Genki Sushi @ Orchard Central level 3! 

HEHEHE. As I promised earlier on, I am sharing with you fooooooooooooooood!

The concept of Genki Sushi @ Orchard Central is super cute! You just take the iPad and order up to 4 plates of sushi, and wait for the plane to fly the food to your table! Kawaii! :D So super cute right!! :D I had two plates of this! Salmon is the BEST!

Salmon Health Benefits:
Proper cardio vascular health, muscle and tissue development, eye care, effective body metabolism, etc

*CRIES* This is my favourite maki! Tuna maki! So glad to see it here! Supposed to have 6 pieces but I can't control and ate one piece already. LOL!

 Hello Kitty plate! :DDDDD So cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Kakiage! OMG YUMMY!

Tempura poached egg! Delicious but do share with someone as one plate contains two eggs! Super filling! Did you notice the pepper-like powder? :DDDDDD I SUPER LOVE IT. It tastes a bit like the Mamee tibits powder!

This is the scocery delicious powder!

Toriyaki Set from Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant @ Far East Plaza Level 5. $12++

This toriyaki set is super OISHII! ;D Cheap and yummy! Totally crave for it again and again!

Miso Ramen from Baikohken @ Takashimaya B1. $13++

This my favourite ramen in Singapore! :D Second to the Ramen Harajuku with the cute guy! :D

What is your favourite mouth-watering food in Singapore, other than Japanese food?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

❤ Sponsored - Wax XXX at Beauty Affairs!

Thank you Herine for the invite for my first wax session with Wax XXX at Beauty Affairs!

What kind of wax did I do? Underarm Wax? Leg wax? Or is it Brazilian Wax? D:

Monday, August 20, 2012

♡ REVIEW - Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek Peach Macaron ♡

Yups! After showing you about Majolica Blood On, I am back with Puff de Cheek Peach Macaron!

The packaging is just so kawaii right, the color, design and the size of a real Macaron! I love looking at Macarons! They are so colorful and cute and makes me happy looking at them! ^_^


Saturday, August 18, 2012

♡ REVIEW - Majolica Majorca Blood On ♡

I am back with another review for my favourite cosmetic brand, Majolica Majorca!

They have the most awesome mascaras and beautiful packaging ever!!!! Price wise is also affordable! ^________________*

Reviews for Majolica Majorca:
Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Black Fiber In & Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On

Monday, August 13, 2012


OMG OMG OMG! I am totally going crazy as I got my tickets for 2012 BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR for both Singapore and Malaysia! *MUAHS MUAHS* I saw GD&TOP, and Seungri last September during F1 Night race in Singapore. (Someone gonna slap me if he knows I am going KL for BB, and not when he asked me to..... )

T.O.P is totally inhumanely GORGEOUS! His eyes murdered so many of us! T.O.P's look is like the perfect guy I imagined. ^_^ Those eyes, the height, the built, the hair, the voice, and the style. WHY U SO HOT?

LOOK AT HIM... LIKE OMG. EXCUSE ME... asdfghjkasdfghjkasdfghjk. My heart beat went crazy already. LOL!

THANK YOU DEAR for helping me get the tickets. MUACKS MUACKS! Already counting down! As I expected, they have two shows since the first show is on a Friday. :))) At least I do not have to rush off there for work!

Looking forward to meet Taeyang and Daesung! I was introduced to BIGBANG because of Taeyang's Wedding Dress despite dear asking me to listen to them! LOL.Grown to like Daesung very much after seeing BIGBANG on variety shows. Such a cutie pie, just like Taeyang. Love their small eyes and thus extremely cute smile. :)

For the Malaysia concert, THIS...... my 2012 is complete after watching this concert. HAHA. 4th row from the stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU Elise, Wendy, Rebecca, Donna, Debby, Francis, and Joise!

TOO HAPPY. If only I get to see Garie Oppa this year too...... :P Saw Koichi-sama and Mr Piglet already.

NOW, I want to listen to Kang Garie's rap LIVE!!!!!!!

Sorry for my fangirling!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you haven't, you should listen to BIGBANG ALIVE album, and also LeeSsang UNPLUGGED. These two are my favourite albums of 2012!

♡ REVIEW: Tony Moly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-in Scrub

THIS IS JUST SO CUTE, I told myself I have to get it when I first lay my eyes on it last year! ^^

If you are a coffee lover, you have to get this! Why?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

♡ Samsung Galaxy S3 - Recommended Apps - UPDATED!

Please visit instead! I will be updating only over there~

eah! I did say that I will do a post on the awesome Samsung Galaxy S3 I have for the 2 months plus! Samsung must be the cellphone brand with the most phones I have. 4 in total so far! I LOVE SAMSUNG! Here are the top 10 apps I think any Samsung user should download! Not sure if all models can download all the apps though. ^^

#1: Phone Theme Shop (UPDATE!!)
This is the first app you will every need in Samsung! Personalization for your phone!  WOOHOO. PLEASE go and download it now if you haven't! It is in Korean but lots of English so no need to panic.

Sorry Sorry, apparently the name is "Phone Theme Shop" not "Phone Themes".  As you can see from below, it is the 4th with the Korean words.

#2: Go Launcher + Go SMS + Go Contact
Change your samsung launcher to this please! Many cute themes found in "Phone Theme Shop"!!

My current Theme!!!!

#3: Go Keyboard
My keypad is cuter than yours! LOL! Also download the Japanese keyboard here. YAY!

#4: Bonjafacebook - Found under Phone Theme Shop

When you open Phone Theme Shop, go to SNS theme and you can find Bonjafacebook and Twitter! ^^

#5: Twitter - Found under Phone Themes

 So super cute! Look at the icon for Me! :))))

#6: PICK

Not sure why but most of my friends use instagram instead of this! PICK DOES NOT force you to crop your photos into squares! Has all the icons, and modes of the line camera! LOVE the Toy Mode the most! Toy mode which my existing pentax camera has. It is the best mode! Any photos look great with it.

At first I was so excited about all the photo edit apps, and I never any anymore! I don't even need any app to beautify my skin as the S3 camera already has beauty mode! WAKAKA! Saved so much of my precious time!

PLUS, a lot of super good looking guys and girls, cuteeeeeeeeeee kitties, puppies, kawaii and delicious food, beautiful sceneries all over the world to see! I LOVE PICK! Most of the users are very friendly!

 Another thing is that you can tagged your photos into 3 categories! :D

Example, KingKing, KiraKira, and many more!

Join me at

#7: Libra
I weigh myself daily in the morning and entered my weight into this program!

This app is especially important to me now that I am on a diet! WOOHOO. :D A lot more to shake and burn! Gonna lose probably 6kg first then go and swim swim swim! Put on freaking amount of weight!

There is a function to remind you to weigh yourself in the morning! AWESOME. I always weigh myself first thing in the morning about I relieve myself. You will be the lightest the whole day at this point of time. :P Don't ever weigh yourself at night right after dinner! Only make yourself more depressed!

So far in the 4 weeks I started recording my weight daily, I managed to lose almost 4kg! More fats to lose! *FIGHTING*

Also lets you include your goal weight and date. Also gives you an estimate of the date you will get your ideal weight!

*LOA* I will be slimmmmmmmm!

#8: Autorap
SUPER FUNNY app that turns your recorded voice into RAP. I can now RAP like Kang Garie Oppa and my TOP!!!! LOL LOL. Mom did a super funny one! Not sure if she minds sharing. HAHA. I can laugh at this app for a long long time before I become bored of it. 

#9: Shownearby
Extremely important when I need to call a cab, or waiting for the bus! I normally check before I walked over to the busstop and see if I got enough time to visit the toilet or walk in super speeeeeeeeed. Accurate MOST of the time.

#10: DX clock
My daily alarm to wake me up with "MY LOVE" ringtone from LeeSsang! YAY! Also let you set the title of the alarm, snooze/wake up, and to restart my phone from airplane mode all in one click! I sleep with my phone in airplane mode. :)

The covers and dustcaps I currently have now! Guess which one am I using now? :)

Ordered soooooooo many covers with my colleagues, and only my Rilakkuma cover did not come. -_- I think the seller must be thinking it is too childish for me huh... but Rilakkuma is kawaii ttm!

The pompoms I have! Dustcap, SFC 2010 Special Edition, KinKi Kids Concert Tour J!

The KinKi pompom is hanging on my Samantha Thavasa bag and they matched perfectly!

GO AND BUY SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 now!!!! (not an ad!) :DDD

Also downloaded new game, CHEESE TOWER. CUTE!

♡ Harry Potter The Exhibition in Singapore

Yay! I finally went over to Marina Bay Sands Artscience Museum to catch the "Harry Potter Exhibition"! Not able to take photos inside the exhibition. Not exactly a big exhibition but still, so grateful to be able to catch the artifacts from the movies!

Harry Potter is the best!!!!!!! :) Just some photos I took outside the exhibition!
Look at how cute Daniel is in the first movie! I must have caught the movies countless time! =DDD

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