Wednesday, September 5, 2012

❤ MELTIE! Aloe Vera - 100% Natural Ingredients!!!

Won this cutie meltie from dearie Yijing blog contest some very very long time back! :D Thank you for letting me choose! Meltie has 3 flavours: Aloe Vera, Strawberry and Lemon! I was contemplating between Aloe Vera and Lemon since Strawberry is quite common. Then I settled with Aloe Vera since it calms the skin. :P I also like the color combination!

- An Original Recipe. A one-stop cleanser capable of completely removing heavy make-up in under 1 minute!!! 

NO Alcohol
NO Petrochemicals
NO Artificial Oils
NO Scrubs
NO Synthetic Ingredients
NO Antiseptic
NO Artificial preservatives
NO Artificial colorings
NO Artificial Fragrance

*Specially formulated for ALL skin types.

Even though it said that it can remove eyemakeup, IT IS NOT GENTLE FOR THE EYES! ARGH! Again, lazy me failed to read the instruction carefully, it said NOT TO OPEN EYES TILL YOU WASH OFF WITH WATER. -_- Tough luck huh me. Please be careful! So I first remove eyemake up with the gentle L'oreal eyemakeup remover, before using MELTIE!

Makeup is removed thoroughly, and face feels clean and I can also feel the moisture. There is no need to wash again with any other cleanser. AH~~ if nobody else sponsor me makeup remover, I guess I'll get MELTIE! again! So fluffy and love the smell!


Sorry, MELTIE! is not for eating! WARNING: IF YOU HAVE KIDS AT HOME ESPECIALLY! Really looks like icecream texture! ^^

HAHA. SILLY ME! Remember that you have to mix MELTIE with water in order to remove makeup.

This green cardigan is from H&M at only $24.90! LOVE THIS GREEN! Surprisingly this green suits my healthy skin color!

HAHA! Coincidentally Garie Oppa wore green too! ~~ I am so happy that he is back on Running Man after two weeks! Miss you so much Oppa! I am no longer love sick. HAHAHA! Please recover from your backache soon! I wanna see you healthy and runnnnnnnnnn like a boss again!

SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! :DDDDDD I simply love the two of them! Jihyo unnie, come back to Gary Oppa!

"Monday is a tiring day for most people. For me, Monday is the happiest day." ~ Kang Gary

HOW SWEET IS THIS QUOTE! If only some guy will say this to me too! *touched* Ok, not any random guy I don't care of course.

Look at what Secretive sent me again! Thank you SARINA! LOVE YOU! *MUACK*

Anyone wanna make a guess where LOVEMORE is sending me this time?????? I tried the Snail mask and YES I LOVE IT!!!!!! Review soon!~~

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