Tuesday, September 18, 2012

♡ Dip Drops Mint Ribbon

I have to share this with you girls! I bought another set of top and skirt from Dip Drops! As you know Japanese fashion brands are quite expensive, Dip Drops is kind of at the okay-ish range! I always cringe when i passed by Liz Lisa in Japan. Way too over budget for me.

Dipdrops clothes can never be out of fashion as they all have the girly sweet stuff such as polka dots, ribbon, knitted wear, & floral... etc You can take a look at the Dip Drops stuff I bought previously! Polka dots too. lol.

またDip Dropsのセットを買いました!今回はニットとスカートセットです!何時も日本のブランが大好きけど、高すぎると思います!*泣* Liz Lisa とか。。。高い! Dip Dropsのほうはいいです!フフフ〜過ぎのDip Drops買った物見たい? ^^

I saw Joanne wearing the light pink top + blue with this ribbon and the back and I'm like, I HAVE TO GET IT! LOL. So we popped over to Isetan Wisma to get mine! ^_^

ジョちゃんのピンクニット見て後、リボンが大好きから、買います! ^_^

Tadah!!!!! I got the white knitted top with my current favourite mint color! The great thing is, this whole set is only S$49!!!!! Original was S$79! So each piece now is only less than $25! WAHAHA! Another Dip Drops bag to add to my collection. Green and orange, super clash. lol

キャ〜〜 可愛いですね!今S$49だけ!!安い〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜 Dip Dropsの鞄もう1つありますよ!

Jo-chan gave me this mint hairclip which is so matching! haha!

I am waiting for the Neko shoes to arrive in Singapore Dip Drops!!!!!!!!  Please reserve for me, Dip Drops!!!!
 コの猫靴が欲しい!!!!!!Dip Drops 予約してください!

Meanwhile, join http://www.facebook.com/dipdropssg for updates! Or let me know if you see that they are selling!!!!!! LOVES! My Japanese is going from bad to worse. I NEED PRACTICE! Don't mind me if there are a lot of errors!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

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