Saturday, September 22, 2012

❤ Conrad Hotel Getaway

Comfy Beds! ^^
If only my room is this huge and I don't kept buying stuff all the time!
Sadly, there is no no hunk and babe.... heh...
So we went shopping the day before, and nua the night away watching stupid movies on the TV. lol!! BREAKFAST!
Sweet and Chewy Swiss Chocolate Ice-cream Waffle :))))
4 types of Salmon!!!!!
Thank you Jo-chan!!!! ;DD I'm like forever pampered by my family and lovely friends. :))) Thankful! Missed out shots of the spacious toilet!

Share something with you all...... Jo-chan passed me this.
omo... can you guess what this is? pad?
Haha, this is actually a heated eye mask, with lavender scent! Wonder how the mask got heated up by itself! JAPANESE!!! This is really comfy for the eyes & I had a good night.

haha, really looks like a sanitary pad!
HAHAHA, will you dare put it on during a flight? lol.

1 comment:

  1. I like this eye mask. Does it work like a cat nap which you can use overnight? Can it be reusable?


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