Sunday, September 23, 2012

Food - A&W Root Beer with Aged Vanilla!

Moody Monday is here, and maybe we should have some beer? Oh wait, I am referring to canned A&W ROOT BEER! Did it come out with a new packaging? Mom loves A&W root beer and dad will always buy them for her! SO SWEET!

So that day Mom was happily sipping her favourite A&W root beer and she exclaimed in Mandarin "这个怪怪的!是不是root beer?!" ~~~~ She was shocked why her root beer tastes differently! hehehe! Not sure if you guys drank it already...

It is A&W root beer made with aged vanilla! HAHA! There is no more A&W in Singapore for many years. I still remember how I spent quite some time in my 4 years of Secondary School life in CTSS eating curly fries and waffles icecream, and also root beer float! You can still get root beer float in Singapore but not the same and A&W!!! :D

This A&W Root Beer with Aged Vanilla tastes just like root beer float, just without the physical icecream. LOL, quite interesting I will say. But I still prefer to have my icecream on my root beer!

Have an Enjoyable weeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

I am ecstatic, sad, and angry at the same time!

Firstly, the long awaited BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR is finally here! I can't wait to see TOP, as well as Taeyang and Daesung since I have never see the two of them before! WEDDING DRESS OMG! I think I may be moved to tears!

Sad because TOP injured  his arm, but being TOP, he can just stand there and do his rap which is enough to make us go berserk! SO BLOODY GOOD LOOKING IN PERSON!

SAD AND ANGRY because my Kang Jelly announced that he will leave RUNNING MAN. NO!!!!!!!!!!!! I am Team Garie and I feel like my heart is torn into pieces. I was going mad when he did not appear in 2 episodes due to his back. :(((((((( NO!!!! But if he wants to take a hiatus due to his back injury, I will gladly support him! Not because of guilt please! LEESSANG DID NOTHING WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are two sweet guys with very tough appearance. Why make them suffer? You know the solution to expensive tickets? DON'T BUY. :(((((((((

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