Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SHOPPING - Vivian and Sean SHOES!

Aren't this pair of cutie, peach shoes + pale yellow lace + gold just absolutely adorable?!!!!! ;DD

PS: My feet has lots of scratches.... by Mr KingKing~~ T_T~~ no complains since I'm the one who wants to keep him!!! 

I finally found another new shoe shop other mitju! Been a BIG suppport of mitju for many many years till I know which pairs are the new, which pairs are the old ones. LOL. They have the best designs of shoes though not durable.... as time passes by with more and more outlets, somehow the prices of shoes became higher, and the designs came to a point, which are not what I adore anymore. :(

Then back in April ~ May, I kept going to JCUBE for its opening, dinners, movies, chilling since it is very near my house and most of my best friends live nearby. I went into Vivian and Sean, then I bought two pair of shoes at one go! One is the cutie above and another a black+pale yellow with strings tied in ribbons. Somehow I broke the sole of the shoes as I SQUATTED for 2 days a few weeks back. -____- Sorry my beautiful shoes!!!!! SUPER SAD!!

Recently, I threw away 3 pairs of flats and to my horror, I am left with two pairs of flats. THAT IS VERY BAD. How to match my clothes ~~~ I need flats, i need black flats especially!

So I happened to run some errands today back at JCUBE, and happy that I can visit V&S again! YAY! To add to my gratefulness, the shoes are having discounts! :DDDDDDD

I wanted to buy this kitty heels in BHG Clementi, but the 4 salesperson were busy TALKING. -__- No sales for them! Humpf.

Selected pairs are at 1 for $19.90, 2 for $30! So one pair of shoes is, $15!!!!!!! CHEAP~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The usual flats are around $23.90~$27.90 range! HAPPY! So many I wanted to get ~~ saw the black shoes with big 3D ribbons I wanted to get previously~~~~~~~~~! DO NOT HAVE MY SIZE. :((((((((((((( pffffffffffffffff!

So I decided to get the white pair instead since other black shoes are not that pretty! White is still pretty but.... yeah, turns dirty easily. T_T~~~

Saw this cute yellow + black + gold ribbon, and I instantly want to bring it home! Such a cute design and with floral designs inside! Cuteness level infinity!!!!!

This promotion is valid till end of September! I sacrificde my beauty sleep to share this with you awesome deal with you, SO HURRY UP & GRAB THEM!

So now V&S is my favourite shoes shop!!!!! Please continue to have cute and unique designs~~~~~~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Vivian and Sean
Jcube #02-24
Northpoint #02-53!!!

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  1. I like the last pair!!
    okie we shall now wait for the neko shoes! hahaha.... (hole in pocket~~)


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