Sunday, September 9, 2012

Semi-fine Dining!

So I was invited by my BBFF Domi to his friend, Brendon's house for a semi-fine dining dinner last week! LOL, I traveled all the way to the East of Singapore to enjoy a scrumptious dinner by the two guys! *FORTUNATE* Enjoy the pictures! :P

We were served with wines! :D First dish, scallops!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDD

 Beef and onion soup + cheese on bread. *DIES OF YUMMINESS* 

Lemon sorbet to remove all the taste before the main dish! ^^
MAIN COURSE of LAMB and RISOTTO! ASDFGHJASDFGHJK! SO YUMS! My September of eating yummy food aim is completed. lol.

Dessert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Forgot the name of this but CHOCOLATE!!!!!! CHOCOLATE and more chocolate totally is what I live for!

Thank you for the delicious food!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDD Worth the trip of about 3hrs (to and fro) and super worth it!

I hate Mondays too, but I love you Puss in Boots!

Had a terrible week and I hope the rest of September will be superb! 29 SEPT!!!!! BIGBANG!!!! T.O.P~~~~~~ :D Noona is all ready for you boys!!!!!! lol. Other weekends are all lovely packed! :)))

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