Monday, November 19, 2012

ALIVE in Singapore x Kuala Lumpur for BIGBANG!

ALIVE in Singapore

Wow, as I said I went to BIGBANG's concert in Singapore and Malaysia! HEHE.

For Singapore, I was at the standing mosh pit on the right side of the stage, and everyone just went CRAZY when the lights went off, announcing the start of the CONCERT that we all had been looking forward to! :DDDDDD

OMG OMG~~ ran like a lunatic when I realized there was a lot of space in the front! *CRAZY FANNOONA* I SWEATED THE MOST in the last few months! Never even sweat that much during the last time I exercise. SWEAT SWEAT SWEAT. SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM. GIBBERISH SING ALONG to the Korean songs. lol. I can only gibberish BLUE the best!

All 5 of the boys were very cute too. Mr TOP spoke only in Korean (times like this I wish I understand Korean too!), and the rest tried their best! GD and Youngbae's English are really good! Seungri was not bad, and Daesung too. I think I laughed out so loudly which caused me my sore throat! HAHA. I think Daesung looks really cute in person. The smile that brightens everyone!

I took mostly videos in Singapore's concert, and TOP overloaded! ~~~ SCROLL DOWN AND SEE THE KL'S PHOTOS. DAEBAK!


Wow, fantastic body. lol

Kuala Lumpur for BigBang!

Aww.... I flew over to Kuala Lumpur over the long weekend for a short break and BIGBANG concert! Will update another entry about the super awesome hotel, Trader's Hotel! :DDD

We were soaked like a fish just before the concert started as it was an outdoor concert, but thank goodness the rain stopped at 8.15pm and my boyzzzz came out! Basically the venue is shitty, but the screen is HD!

We were supposed to be seated 4th row from the front but ended up standing at the front row! Had so much eye contacts with the boys, and I was so near to my dream boy, TOP. SO GORGEOUS that he don't look real. LOL. I can't decide if Koichi-sama or TOP is better looking in real life. LOL.

Taken from the HD screen! This is so much better than our old old indoor stadium's screens. Thank you RUNNING INTO THE SUN for everything!

 Daesung, why do you always look so happy? :) Keep smiling, smiley angel! :D

 All photos taken using my S3 and this is how closed up I was with them! *KIRA KIRA EYES*

 Aigo..... why is GD so cute in person? So puny and looks like a little.... girl. haha!

The forever so HIGH maknae, little SeungHyun!

 Smiley angel!!!!! :D

:DDDDDDD I thought I did not take any closed up photo of HIM!!!! THANK YOU, my LOA god!

Throw in another super pure and cute GD for you~~~~ :PPPPPPPP

I just went over to Taipei last week, and more updates to come. :)))))

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