Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I was very sick last week, thus I stayed home almost the whole weekend. :( I am getting better though. I did say that I went over to KL for BIGBANG's concert? 

SO SO HAPPY that I ended up standing at the FIRST ROW. LOL.  

HELLO MY DREAM BOY, T.O.P~~~~ so so good looking! So happy I took nice photos of him using my S3! Recently I become active in instagram all thanks to GD and Taeyang! HAHA! TOP WHY U NO HAVE INSTAGRAM!

Lots of eyes contact with all the boyz too! LOVE THEM SO MUCH that I still get high when I listen to their songs. *crazy fannoona* Be right back in a few days with real updates....  Of course of BIGBANG's SG and KL concert... *_*

Meanwhile, let us relax and do some stretching with KingKing first~~

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