Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kualar Lumpar Final Chapter

Day two at Kualar Lumpar = BigBang concert at night! :D We had breakfast buffet at Traders' Hotel that morning, and the breakfast is around S$26! Considered cheap for a hotel breakfast!

 The tables are named in fruits, and ours is grapefruit. LOL!

I love the fruit juice bar! :DDD So many types of fruit juices! There is also the very rare kiwi fruit juice!! :D Normally other hotels only have Orange and maybe Cranberry juices!

Japanese breakfast!

The very unappetizing  eggs. LOL!

So many kinds of ham, and my favourite salmon!

OMG, fresh honey that you can get yourself!

There is a Buggy service from Traders' Hotel to KLCC! Saved us from the heat from the 10-20min walk! ;D Still very hot in the Buggy Service.


There is Shi Liu Shan in Pavilion before I forget. :P

 We had Kenny Rogers at KLCC, and 3 side dishes!!!

Corn is out of stock, and we only had vanilla flavour but also super yummy~~~~~~~

I uploaded my photos from Taiwan into my Macbook Pro~~~~~ :DDDDDD I also wanna share about the BYS nail Polishes!! Be Back again~~~~

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