Tuesday, October 30, 2012

❤ BYS - Colorful Nail Polishes Launch

Even before the launch at Watsons Singapore, I was one of the lucky few to try out BYS (Join their Facebook to get updates) Nail Polishes at Tara Apothecary in Bugis last Wednesday! Everyone at Tara Apothecary were so friendly and hospitable towards us. Thank you! ^_^

Thank you dearie Herine for the invitataion! She is super nice to me, always invite me here and there. :D That day she even helped me paint my nails and fed me cookies. hahaha!

I just love the design of the poster so much! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ So much love and very colorful! Btw, do you know the meaning of BYS? Be Your Self! Yeah, definitely very important to Be Your Self! Everyone is unique and should not try to be a copycat! Find yourself, and you will find happiness! lol. 

Wow, fantastic baby!~~~~~~ Nail polishes paradise! The super wide range of very colorful nail polishes available by BYS!!!! With so many colors available, I can do like gradient nails for both hands. :DDDDD

 Lynn sharing with us about BYS Brand's history and the many products they have!

Mimi the Brand Manager sharing with us more about the brand, some beauty & make up tips!

Basics - S$6.90
The BYS Basic range alone has a variant of RAINBOW shades ranging from nude hues, passionate reds & oranges, happy pink, and purples to grungy blue tones!

The most awesome thing about BYS nail polishes is that they are super quick dry!!! By the time you finish painting your fifth nail, the first nail is already dry! SUPER LIKE!!!

Neons - S$8.90
NEON colors is still very popular, and BYS brings it to the new level with sweet-candy brights!!! I already know some of my friends who will go crazy about the Neons!!!

Mirror Finish - S$8.90
Going for a party or simply wanna flaunt your nails, the Mirror Finish will let you stand out with its molten liquid metal look! You can start planning what colors you want to do for Christmas! *kira kira*

Colour Change - S$9.90
This is the range that caught my attention! Colour change Nail Enamel changes with your temperature!!! Definitely not like your nail can change from white to black, lol~~~ but it changes slightly when you are feeling warm or cold! What kind of magic is this?! BUY!

Then it was time for us to try the new BYS polishes! Yeah!!

Haha, can see Herine, Himeko, and me at the back taking selca!!!!!!! Did you realise that we are all dressed up colourfully? It was the theme for the event! Photo from BYS facebook!

Colourful rusty won the prize for wearing Most Colourful! Herine, why you so tall??! lol~~~

 The purple and pink Colour Change I picked! Pink can never go wrong!

Dearest Herine helping to paint my nails! Thank you babe! *muacks* Photo from BYS facebook!


Faster go and pick your colors in Watsons! I think I wanna get the two Colour Change nail polishes I tried!Photo from BYS facebook!

Look at the truckloads amount of nail polishes and cosmetics available by BYS! ❤_❤ The glitter eyeshadow caught my eyes! The other cosmetics will be available for retail around January/February! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully I'll be able to try them out too! :D

Pacodis who carries BYS, also carries a number of brillant brands like PUPA! I actually shared about PUPA Crack last year. IT WAS THAT LONG ALREADY?!!!!! Time, WHY YOU NO WAIT FOR ME!

 Mavala is also under their belt! Marvelous!  

BeSave! So Colorful and makes me happy just looking at them!

It was also Jones' birthday on that day! Happy Birthday Girl! Be very happy and blissful always! MEOW MEOW!!!!!!!!

Cannot miss out the food served! YUMS!

All of us were spazzing about the fantastic sushi!!! HEHHEHEHE!

Us happily eating the sushi! Look at how happy Rusty is! lol~ So cute!~~!!!!!! I look like I am super contented!

The goodies I went home with! Really colorful~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Will about later about the stuff I received! Yeah!

Group shot for all who attended! Don't forget to join BYS facebook for more updates! Photo from BYS facebook!

Abruptly.....  King King says HELLO~~~~ Finally got him the leash I wanted to get for him! Super cuteeeeeeeee.... spazzzzzzzingggggg~ Happy Halloween to you~~ he dressed up as an angel!

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