Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Food - International POT LUCK!

Hellos! This time round I have something different! Not any food from restaurant or cafe, International Pot Luck it is! :D Had a mini gathering with my Japanese classmates Joanne and Irena, with ou Japanese teacher Gima-sensei and his housemate, Ishizawa-san! LOL, really INTERNATIONAL POTLUCK!

Salad!!!!!!! Don't you think the color is super nice? So healthy eh~~~ actually we ended up not touching it as we were too full after the international pot luck food!!

We can cook dukboki!LOL! Damn awesome! So spicy~~~~~~~

Indonesian Popian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Prepared by Gima-sensei!!!! Okinawa specialty food~~ Bitter gourd + luncheon meat + dao bo! LOVE IT~~  I wanna go to Okinawa now!!!!!!

By the way, Gima-sensei that after his many years of teaching, our class is the FIRST time that has all girls! That is how bad my luck with guy is.... >_< Don't even have luck NOW. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that change soon! However, no luck with guy is better than meeting douchebags and I had enough of them.

Cheers! WEEKENDS COMING~~~~~~~~

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