Monday, October 15, 2012

❤ Sponsored - LoveMore Aqua Dew Deep Hydrating


Step 1 is LoveMore Aqua Pump, and now we are on Step 2 Aqua Dew!

Formulated with natural organic botanical ingredients, with long hours of moisture retention. This serum has moisturizing compound with 3 times more concentration than normal essence! After application of LoveMore Aqua Pump Deep Hydrating, then the Aqua Dew my skin definitely feel more moisturized, and face is not so oily throughout the night, and also throughout the day!

Come back tomorrow for the my raving for the Aqua Brulee review!!!!!
 Can you see, KingKing? ^_^

Super tanned Panda from breadtalk. CUTE!

New solo album from my prince!!! LOVE EVERY SONG as I always do. HEHE!

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