Saturday, October 13, 2012

LUNA SEA シンガポール来ています!

I am totally hyperventilating when the official news that LUNA SEA will be in Singapore for their concert in 8 Feb 2013 was out! Attending LUNA SEA's concert is in my wishlist! Wishes really really come true! LOA is always working as long as you believe in it! Just like my blog's cover page~~~ "IF I CAN DREAM IT, I CAN DO IT".

Too many wishes I had came true since I was a kid, as I STRONGLY BELIEVE in them. ;))))))))))))))))) One example was I said that I will not come back to Singapore when I visit Japan unless I see Koichi-sama!~~ and I will visit Japan before I turn 24. These two totally came trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in 2009! I went to Japan without CONCERT TOUR J ticket, and just super contented that I was able to visit TOKYO, and KinKi Kids were having their annual tour, and chanced upon the concert ticket 20 hours before. Till date, I've attended KinKi Kids' concert, Koichi-sama's solo concert, and his musical SHOCK! :))))))))))))

For more news and pre-order tickets, you can join the official facebook Luna Sea Singapore Street Team.


Meanwhile, let us listen to I FOR YOU which always makes my eyes wet, though I must admit when I first listened to it when I was 13-14 year old, I had no idea what the Japanese lyrics, as my Japanese improved over the years, the song means much more to me! :)))))))


I also love love love GRAVITY, just how much memory the sound of the electric guitar brings back to when I was in secondary school! lol~~~~~~~

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