Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chop off 4 inches!

OK... most of my friends commented that there is not much difference but indeed 4 inches were chop and much more layered. I just cut my hair on the 30th June, and now my fringe is ugly again! D: I have yet to master how to cut side fringe! I have been trimming my straight bangs for about 7 years so I can say I am a master in it! LOL!!!!!! I think I should go to my hair dresser and ask her teach me. HER HANDS ARE MAGIC!!!!!!!! I did trim my fringe myself with youtube videos... it only lasted a day. HAHA.

Anyway, I am satisfied with my fringe after Zoanne's cut!

 YAY!!!!!!!!!! Before and after! But now my hair looks the same as the first picture. ~_~ My hair grows in sonic speed!

I colored my hair into a lighter shade(finally Zoanne allows me to dye~~ as she is worried that my thick long hair will be dry if they are colored too often. SHE IS THE BEST!) + cut + treatment and I only paid $135. $135 only!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SO CHEAP! She mixed copper and gold. FYI, my hair really thick in quantity and quality! LOL. A lot of hair, volume, and each strand is thick. I only grew up to be grateful to my thick hair! :P

Been going to Zoanne since I was 17 and almost coming 10 years already!!!! SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!

Short short entry for now and YAY.... new masks to review soon! Be right back!


Are you on PICK? Join me But I don't know how to find people yet. HEHE


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