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HAHAHAHAHA. SUPER Buay Hiao Bai (thick skin) to send the email in order to attend the event and have to say "I am CUTE"! Thank you for choosing me with the photo I sent......... :) I did say in the email.... lol lol.

Definitely CUTE because of the Chip and Dale! HEHE! I MISS JAPAN~~~~~~~~~ 帰りたい!Even my fringe looks nicer when im in Japan... haiz!

So this session I attended was for "PLAY CUTE" so we were told to come in CUTEST OUTFIT, so the first to come to mind is HELLO KITSON~~ lol. TOO CUTE! :D So honored to be one of the first in Singapore to try the lashes before it hits the store in July!

Let us take a look at "PLAY CUTE", "PLAY SEXY", and "PLAY COOL"! PHOTO BOMBS OF ALL THE DECORATIVE LASHES PLAY GIRL! Photos all taken by my Galaxy S3!!!

 Play CUTE range!


Don't know why PLAY SEXY #1 is missing~~~~~ D: Two types of lower lashes for PLAY SEXY~

For "PLAY CUTE" we have a total of 4 types of lashes, 3 types for the the top and 1 for the bottom! As I have never tried the partial parts lashes, I chose "#3"~~~~ LOL, I regretted halfway through as it means I have to paste the lashes 6 TIMES!! 3 times moreeeeee than usual. D: LOL!!!!! Took quite some time to put them on............ then I did not try the lower lashes too as it kind of make me look too "OVER" and I don't like it. :P Mascara is enough for my lower lashes. :)
No eyemake up~~~~~~ No mood to smile. lol.

So yeah... took some time to put on dollywink liner and Play Cute #3~~~~

WOW! Fantastic BABY~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Just happened to be listening to this song too! OMG, i'm getting BIGBANG's ticket tomorrow!!!! TOP~~~~ Can't wait to lose my voice after the concert! :D)

Yay!!!!! SO WHAT I SEE IS WHAT I GET! I used only the outer and middle lashes and the same effect is already there! ^^ Cut away the outer bit to let the lashes look more "natural". :D LOVE THE LASHES! Definitely good quality, and not plastic feeling that will irritate the eyes! I did get those cheapo ones and poke my eyes and make my eyes painful!

Another pair of lashes that I really want to try is PLAY SEXY #3! Look at the alternate blacks and browns ~~ I think it will create a more 3 Dimensional effect~~ *電眼* I also want to be SEXY and COOL!!!!!!!!!! 5 pairs for $21.90~~ Considered cheap as compatedto Dolly Wink! lol~~~Will be available in Singapore in July!

Met my girlies for dinner to celebrate Milly's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING! Faster find a 好男人 (Basically now our standard becomes higher due to Ariel's boyfriend! LOL~~~~)!Then dearier Ariel suddenly turned and  looked at me and said "WOW, you looked different today~~~~~~~~~被電到liao~~" or something like that! That is why I love my friends so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 SUPER LOVE THE BLACK CAVIER XIAO LONG BAO! As well as the egg I always order!

Excuse me Joise, WHY YOU LOOK like 20 years old when you are 4 months older than me? *____* I seriously need to WAKE UP AND LOSE THE WEIGHT I PUT ON... FML~~~~~~!!!!!!!!
 Love this..... Milly's artistic idea...... lol!

ANYWAY, Decorative Lashes actually has new releases in Japan! Check them out if you want at ~

REMEMBER TO "Like" to become a SHIBUYA GAL now! :D

And... what will happen if you can meet the QUEEN of Gyaru Tsubasa-chan? LOL,  I can't answer that as for me I want to meet my two goddess Namie Amuro-sama and Lena Fuji-sama more! :P

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