Monday, July 23, 2012

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Guess who made my face so black!!!!!!!!!
LOL. Who said black face is not good? You see the rainbow after the thunderstorm, so you see a fair translucent face after a black face! LOL

Thank you Secretive and Sarina for pampering me this time with Sexylook Intensive Whitening Black Cotton Mask! All the S! LOL.

Firstly, isn't the packaging just adorable. SUPER JAPANESE ANIME LOOKING. I wish I have big eyes like the anime characters! (Read on to find out why....-_-)
EXCITED to try this black cotton mask as it is my first time trying a BLACK mask. Maybe next time they will be PINK mask, BLUE mask, PURPLE mask, GOLD mask, and RAINBOW MASK! lol!

WOW! Really B.L.A.C.K. A bit like seaweed! No? LOL

Fascinated by the BLACK mask so I took another photo. LOL. Although it is black, it is still very soft.

Sexylook Intensive Whitening Black Cotton Mask really made my face black black!

HAHAHA. So I was saying I wish I'm anime character with those super huge eyes. LOOK how much space is there for my eyes and mouth areas. D: Can't help but feel that my eyes are small.. -_- Kidding!

With flash.... D: 
Without flash and zero edit! OOPS OOPS. SORRY for the messy background as I was excited and happy with the whiting results so I quickly took photo and "admire" myself. HEHE. 

Somehow I feel that my pores is not that visible, and skin feels hydrated and matte! :D Skin also not that no sebum when I woke up the next day!

Face feel cleaner, and so definitely a must-buy! But let me finish half of my masks la.... THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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