Saturday, June 2, 2012

♡ Love Songs ♡

NEW AND FRESH FROM YOUTUBE!!!!! BIGBANG's "MONSTER"!!! How is it that I already feel high when I hear TOP's talking...... *blown away* LOVE IT! GD and Taeyang's hairstyles... haha, i can't understand but it is for the MV! I want to get TOP's dirty blonde hair. WHY IS HE SO PERFECT LOOKING~~~~ LOVE!

Recently I am so in love with Kang Gary due to Running Man!!!! He is such a cute, sweet and innocent guy!!!!! (at least in the show!) Go Straight Gary, Peaceful Gary!!!!!! I have always been a fan of hip-hop and rap songs, and I am glad to find out that he is actually a rapper from one of the most talented and famous k-hiphop duo, LeeSsang!!!!! I LOVE HIS SWAG when he raps and Gil's voice is daebak!!!!!! OMG, after listening to my Gelly Gelly's rap.... I think he raps even better than T.O.P~~~~ 

LeeSsang recently released their 8th album "UNPLUGGED" and I can't wait to get my hands on this album!!!!!!! Listen to someday, and I swear it touches and breaks my heart!!!!! *GELLY GELLY* I hope my sister manages to get "UNPLUGGED" and also BigBang's "Still Alive" which will be releasing early June when she visits Korea with my parents! *ENVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Hope she can get more of LeeSsang's album!!!!

My favourite song of the moment is "SOME DAY" the first song of LeeSsang that I am sharing. Already love the song at the start, even though I properly understand 2% of the song. LOL. The English and some Korean I picked up from Korean shows! After knowing the lyrics... it makes me cry... :( Everytime I hear, I feel the pain my heart..... Really a very very very daebak sugoi song!! *sniffs*


My Love is yet another super heartbreaking song! I LOVE LEESSANG!!!!!!

Hello Mr Piglet!!! Long time no see nor hear!!!!! Sad to say, i am quite disappointed with his recent album except this emo song! :( WHY no more good exciting songs? :( and i miss you!!!!!!!!

LeeSsang's songs are number one in my playlist!!!

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