Sunday, June 10, 2012

♡ Review: MAJOLICA MAJORCA King Lash Mascara ♡

Got my hands on MAJOLICA MAJORCA King Lash Mascara with the longest in MM history with 5mm fibers! That is why the name is KING~~ omg, same name my baby boy KingKing~ ^^ Just the packaging itself is something girls will want to buy!!!

If you did follow my previous reviews on MM mascara, it is definitely one of my favourite mascara!!!! Do note that I did apply the MM black fibres!



TADAH~~~~~ Even though my eyeliner is thick with black eyeshadow, the lashes are still apparent!


This looks like I really pasted fake lashes! :D Love it, getting the brown color edition too!

Foundation: Estee Lauder
Powder: ElishaCoy Mineral Powder
Eyeliner: Canmake Liquid Eyeliner (as usual)
Eyeshadow: CYBER COLORS Gemstone Amethyst  

I normally do not wear eyeshadow as I am lazy and don't really know how to blend! D: Applied eyeshadow as I am attending my beloved cousin's wedding! Excited! Makes me wonder when will this day happen to me~~~~ my handsome, tall, rich, and sweet husband, please appear soon! *LOA* :))))))))))))))

I bought the Samsung Galaxy S3 recently and I LOVE IT! RIP my BB torch! Really love my torch and BB keyboard. Most pretty looking phone ever! Really sad that nobody ever develop apps for BB~~~~~ I should perhaps do an entry dedicated to S3~~~ Joise was saying I should get S2 since it is available in pink. My reply: "it is okay since I will definitely get pink cover!" ^^ Kept spending money though i'm pretty broke after Japan~~~ *sobs* 

King King is getting bigger and SUPER ACTIVE!!!!! Perhaps because he is a boy! Kiyo angel and Rara were not this scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I am now using Android and is finally in instagram! xkiyora!! More instant photos updates yo~~ but what i dislike about instagram is that why must i have my photos in square? Alright, some cute photos of Rara and Kingking~~~~~~~

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