Wednesday, May 23, 2012

♡ Sponsored: SEXY LOOK HELLO KITTY 3D Masks♡

♡ 超可愛い!!!!!!!!!!♡

Everybody just gotta love Hello Kitty at some point of their life! I can't say I am a Hello Kitty Lover, but I do love her since young!!!!!! I got her plushies from McDonald's (I'm also collecting even the recent ones! You?)~ :D

Not sure if you had heard about SEXY LOOK from Taiwan, but SEXY LOOK holds really special meaning to me!! It was my baby when it just launched in Singapore last year ~ At that point of time, i'm sure nobody knows it better than I do! Even though I'm no longer marketing this brand, I am still loving SEXY LOOK now as the 3D mask is REALLY DAEBAK SUGOI (NEW phrase i recently started using~~~~Daebak in korean, sugoi in japanese both means awesome)!!!!!!! 

3D MASK!!!!!! After using 3D mask, the normal masks are no kick!!! 4 ear hooks to pull up and tighten the chin and face area! I can feel the tightness every time i use it!

I super love the SEXY LOOK Super Moisturising (Green) one! Super moisturising is super moisturising. *LAUGHS* TRY it and you will get what I mean. 

*Hello Kitty x Kitson T.O.P from Uniqlo Japan! ^^*

♡3D masks are already daebak sugoi and then there is HELLO KITTY PACKAGING!!!♡

 I want this card so badly!!!! ^^

♡ Hello Kitty Ultra Moisturising Pink Sakura Duo Lifting Mask 7p ♡

PINK + Hello Kitty + 3D lifting Mask + Cherry Blossom and strawberry scent = ♥♥♥♥♥
*Dies of sweetness*!!!!!!! The benefits of this mask is to minimize pores, moisturises skin and gives your a pinky color skin tone 粉嫩♥!!! What more can I ask for except to have more of it in my drawer?! One of my favourite masks together with my ElishaCoy White Bran and Love More Lavender!

♡ Hello Kitty Brightening Firming White Rose Duo Lifting Mask 7p ♡

This mask contains white rose extract which promise to moisturize and brighten the skin for a radiant and translucent effect! After using it, skin definitely feels tighter and smoother! However, I prefer moisturizing masks over whitening so this is a ♥♥♥ for me~

 ♡ Hello Kitty Sensitive Amethyst Double Lifting Mask 7pcs ♡
Red wine and grape extracts to protect skin from the harsh environmental issues, and also moisturizes the skin! YAY for better and smoother skin! :) This is a ♥♥♥♥ rating for me! This is also my favourite packaging for among them! What about you?

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Available at, SaSa and Watsons!

*Review based on personal experience so don't come and find me if it does not work that well for you~

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