Thursday, May 10, 2012

ミ☆ 東京ー春お花見 April 2012 ★彡

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! After the rainy first day, we finally make our way to Shinjuku Gyoen on a great weather! Cloudy and not sunny! ^^

Proof that I was in Japan!!! Movies with Japanese titles! 

Pretty flowers everywhere!!!!!! SINGAPORE WHY YOU NO HAVE PRETTY SIGHTS!

Shinjuku Gyoen (新宿御苑) is one of Tokyo's largest parks. 

HOW TO GO: Few minutes walk from Yamanote Line Shinjuku station. I roam the main areas of Tokyo like a boss now! Just like how I roam Taipei whereby I DO NOT NEED MAP. :P

Anyway, my hotel is Sakura Inn at Ikebukuro!!! Second time visiting them~~~~ clean, tad small but safe with 24hr cafe. What else do you need when you are in Tokyo! :D

 Funny English....... ^^

Started screaming when we stepped in the entrance!!!! SAKURA PETALS FALLING~~~ such a beautiful sight!!!!!!! *DREAMY LOOK* Why am I not Japanese~~~~~~ so I can go Ohami every day in Spring!!!!!!!

Fallen petals on the floor.... just beautiful!

 Another tree with more flowers!!!!!!!!!! *PINK HEARTSSSSSSSSSSSSS*

The sakura is SO PRETTY OF COS MUST SELCA!!!!!! *blows hearts and kisses*

SO SO SWEEEEEET !~~~ pale sweet pink!!!

Wore wollen top + floral maxi + tong hair!!!!! SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!

Hair looks sooooooo long and pretty...if only my hair looks like this without curling them!!!

HOT PINK!!!!!!! I LOVE IT TOO!!!!!

Spent like 2 hours plus in Shinjuku Gyoen!!!! Can't imagine how beautiful it will be during the peak period for somei sakura!!!!! I WANT TO COME TO JAPAN AGAIN!!!!!
Accidental shot which looks natural.... lol

Heart-shape pink petal on my hair~~~ in Singapore it will always only be  green leaves.. :(

Sorry for the background as I was in the toilet when I checked my reflection. lol

Then we saw another pretty flower!! pink + white!! Can it get sweeeeeeter?

Selca selca time!!!! Took probably 200 photos in Shinjuku Gyoen!!! Must take selca with flowers as if they are on my hair!!!


Took the angle shot from bottom up and this photo is totally natural!!!!! NO EDIT AND CAPTURED ALL THE REFLECTION!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDD Love this picture!

You saw the blanket sakura petals on the floor??????


SAKURA I LOVE YOU!!!!!! AS MUCH AS I LOVE JAPAN!!!!!! Fall in love even more with the land i worship!!!!!!!!!

Solo surviving flower on a tree! haha!!

PS: I must admit I am not sure if the flowers I said are sakura are sakura.... but my friend and I just assumed they are!!!!! PRETTY PRETTY SUPER HAPPY!!!!!!

I WANT TO GO BACK ASAP!!!!!!!!!!! 

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