Sunday, May 6, 2012

ミ☆ 東京ー春 27 April 2012 ★彡

 YAY!!!!!!! I finally went back to my beloved Japan after almost 2 years! My soul never left there since 2010 okay! :) The previous 3 times I went were during 2009 winter, 2010 summer and then 2010 autumn! This time is SPRING!!!!! :DDDDD Spring in Japan = SAKURA SEASON! So happy that I am a sakura baby!!!!! Although the peak of the somei sakura is over, usually end of march to early april, I am so excited that I still get to see other kinds of even prettier sakura when I went on 27 april to 4 May! 

Going to Japan is always SUPER EXCITED AND CRAZILY HAPPY!!!!!  I FINALLY WENT TO WATCH my husband's Domoto Koichi-sama's 12th year musical "ENDLESS SHOCK"!!!! Got the ticket on the 28th itself 2 hours before the start. Got the ticket twice the original price but it so SO FREAKING WORTH IT!!!!!!!!! The third time I saw Koichi-sama! :DDD Will talk about the  ENDLESS SHOCK about it the next entry. The thing is, I AM SO DETERMINED to visit Japan this time round as firstly I've never see sakura before, and the last day of the 4 month "ENDLESS SHOCK" falls on my birthday, 30th April!!! I LOVE KOCHI-SAMA!!!! *KISSES*

I also spent my birthday in oh-so-awesome TOKYO DISNEYLAND!! :DDD I am a lucky girl or what!!!!!!!!!! *GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING IN MY 26 year life*

OF COS, the first day I stepped into Tokyo is to go to Shinjuku, Harajuku and Shibuya!! :DDD HEAVEN!!!!!!! And of cause Ikebukuro. heh!!! I will love to stay in Ikeburo! Such a lovely place in Spring!!! (Stayed there previously too in summer)

Pretty neighborhood: Ikeburo!!!!!

 It was a rainy trip this time but I still enjoyed it very much!!!!!!!!!!

Went to Shinjuku Gyoen but we were pretty late as it was raining and raining and it was closed at 4pm. :(((((((( Nevertheless, still took photos with pretty flowers!!!! *not sakura*


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