Sunday, May 20, 2012

ミ☆ ENDLESS SHOCK 2012 ★彡

*SCREAMS* After complaining for 12 years, I FINALLY caught Endless Shock by my Koichi-sama!!!!!!!!! I know my LOA is working!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Endless Shock is indeed Endless Shock!!!!! Clapped till my hands hurt each time after every song ended!!!

No longer complaining that life is unfair, and no more envying the other fans (again)!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDD *Sings "So Feel it Coming" by Koichi-sama*

I LOVE YOU KOICHI-SAMA!!!!!!!! You are really the most talented and awesome celebrity of the universe. I teared so many times when I see him putting his 100% into the whole musical!!!!!!!!!! Especially the parts he flew (so many times), and falling down the stairs~~~~ *HEART PAIN* I think the Japanese must think that I am crazy~~~~~

This is the third time I saw my true love, and each time becomes closer!!!!! *SWOONS* He actually came to the audience once, 6 people between us and I almost fainted~~~~ so closeeeeeeeeee…. his perfect face!!!!!!!!!!!!

KinKi Kids J-Concert Tour - checked, Domoto Koichi Solo Concert - checked, ENDLESS SHOCK - checked!

Next I want to go to Johnny's Countdown, as well as watch the new concert tours too!!!!!!!



I CAUGHT THIS L.I.V.E~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *CRAZY FANGIRL SCREAMS* When BPM was out in 2010 (when I was in Japan for holiday~~), I promised myself that I will catch this song and see my Prince dancing and singing it LIVE!!!!!!!!! *NODS* I AM STILL FEELING THE EXCITEMENT AND BLISS~~~~~~~~~~~~

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