Sunday, May 27, 2012

ミ☆ 東京ーDisneyland 2012 ★彡

SO HAPPY!!!!! I spent my birthday in Tokyo Disneyland!!!! *幸せです*

SO okay, photo BOMB again!! ^________^  I WANNA WORK IN DISNEYLAND~~~ maybe dress up as pretty Daisy Duck~~~~~ heheheheh!!!! 

The crowd in TDL is not as scary as Tokyo Disney Sea though! Got to see the fairytale like Disneyland again, with cute Japanese family! :D All the Japanese mommies look so young, pretty and fashionable! Then I miss my Yamato-kun whom I took photo with in 2009~~~ he will be 5 years old already. 

So we took a lot of rides in Disneyland!! *BEAMS* We managed to take two fast pass tickets! No additional charges! U just have to go to the rides with FP, scan your ticket, and the FP will show you the time you should come back to the ride, and also the time you can take another FP! :D

SO HAPPY and we were very lucky as we finished looking at the parade, and happened to walk pass it numerous times though we have no idea what time it is! THEREFORE, most of the people are looking at the parade, so we waited less than 30 minutes for the popular rides like Pooh Bear (30 min when we first saw was 70min), Haunted Mansion (20 min when first saw 60min), Buzz Lightyear (5min wait).. etc ^_____________^ The longest ride we waited was Meeting Mickey!!! Lol, about 70min~~~~ I still love Pooh Bear ride!!!!!!!!

  1. Jungle Cruise
    • Lol, took it at 7 or 8pm and it was surprisingly fun!!!! We did not even need to queue and the guide is hilarious! In case you are wondering about my Japanese level, I can say my listening is still considered ok! Speaking wise.... *shakes head*
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean
    • THIS!!!! There is zero queue at very late around 9 plus, so Von and me were the only two on our boat, another family at the boat behind us. WE ALMOST HAD HEART ATTACK! I was telling Von, there is a part which will drop down... and both of us still got a shock as normally there will be a bar to keep your legs down right, this DOES NOT HAVE! We saw the boat infront of us totally... DROP DOWN in very fast speed and both of us sudden quietness and secretly tried to grab something... but there is nothing to grab!!! The heart beat really fast as the speed of dropping is fast!!!!!!! LOL, however our butts did not leave the seat.... BUT WELL, it is scary cos we thought we may fly out~~~~ hahahahahah!!!!!!
  3. Mark Twain Riverboat
    • QUITE BORING, but good to enjoy the night breeze... lol, fall asleep halfway through the ride at night...
  4. Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes
    • HAHAHAH, here.... a lot of STRONG and MUSCULAR guides!!!!! Two guides in a canoe and we get to try to canoe and it was a pretty long ride~~~ quite fun!!!!
  5. Peter Pan's Flight
    • Kid's ride but really feel like we were flying a bit. :) I MUST BRING MY CHILDREN TO DISNEYLAND~~~~
  6. Snow White's Adventures
    • Kid's ride again~~~~
  7. Mickey's PhilharMagic
    • 4D show~~~ love it!!!! Title with Mickey but most of it stars Donald Duck~~~
  8. Pinocchio's Daring Journey
    • Nah.... not daring at all!! HEHEHEHHE.
  9. Haunted Mansion
    • THIS IS ALSO VERY FUN!!!!!!!!! FUN and a bit of roller coaster and I think I may cry if I am a kid!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. It's A Small World
    • Enjoy the happy world with the children all over the world!!! *SPAMS SMALL SMALL WORLD SONG*
  11. Pooh's Hunny Hunt
    • MY FAVOURITE!!!!! Still so fun although it is the second time I rode it!!! I WANNA TAKE HIS AGAIN!!!
  12. Mickey's House and Meet Mickey
    • Yay~~ meet my first love again! LOL
  13. Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek!
    • CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!! Ride and shoot!!! :D
  14. Space Mountain
    • Apparently I am not so scare of roller coaster as this is a roller coaster!! TOO PRETTY inside the ride to feel scare!!!! :DDDD Fly into the milky way and be wow~~~ fast roller coaster ride~~~
  15. Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters
    • Ride and shoot again!!!! I am superb my score is 30,000!!! lol~~~
  16. Captain EO
    • Say Hello TO MJ!!!!!! A 4D movie if I never remember wrongly!!!!! First ride we took as only 10min... lol, later on it was pretty packed.


  1. You have very interesting blog! I like it. Whoaa, Disneyland in Tokyo is so great!

    I will looking here often, so I'll add You to my friends.

    invite You to my blog:

    smile from J. :)

  2. Hi Joan! Thank you for your lovely message!!! Glad to know you find my blog interesting and pardon me for the weird English... haha!


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