Saturday, March 10, 2012

❤ REVIEW: Travalo + Sexy Little Things NIOR from Victoria's Secrets

I had a long day doing housework, and tidying my stuff! But why is my room still so messy! *FROWNS* 3.33am and I am still awake I don't know why!

Anyway, I have something really INGENIOUS to share with you! 

I am packing my many stuff and you can see the number of fragrances I have. 

I am not sure how many fragrances a lady at my age has, but I think it is pretty scary. HOW MANY YEARS MUST I TAKE TO FINISH USING THEM! The most right-hand side is a cheap but long-lasting fragrance~ one of the few I got when I was way younger! Budget mah. I do not wear it now anymore but spray it on say my curtain/plushies/cupboard. :P

MY NUMBER ONE MOST FAVOURITE fragrance so far is still Christian Dior Addict 2!!!! I should write an entry for my favourite fragrances!!!!! Been using it for as long as I remember!!!! Miss Dior is a gift from my sister as I said that the bottle is very sweet and cute! I cannot resist any ribbons!!

The most expensive is definitely Chanel No. 5! It is really a sexy and matured perfume and I bought it purely because Marilyn Moroe loves it. HAHAHAHAHHA. But I do love it myself and I wear it only for important events or dates. :) EXPENSIVE LEH!!!

The two Victoria's Secrets body mist are MEGA MAJOR LOVES! I will pen an entry for Love Spell later, and I'm writing about Sexy Little Things NIOR below! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!

OKOKOK.... I am sure most girls wear fragrances and bring the fragrance of the day out as sometimes the scent changes as the day went by. It was until I started working in my current company then I know more about fragrances... but not much actually. LOL. 

Well...... some of my friends said that they bring out the whole bottle of fragrance, but tell me how I bring out my big bottle of Dior Addict 2 or my Nior, or Love Spell? I do have a Dior Addict 2 miniature, but VS do not sell miniatures for their body mists! :((((((((((((((  Therefore... I bought the mini spray bottle like below...

 :((((( I must press the nozzle a million times in order to fill up the whole miniature! (LOL, this pair of hands you saw belong to my mommy!!!!!!!!!)

And then the worst.......

The cap DROPPED OFF easily and the fragrance leaked! HORROR. It happened to me once when it was half filled, and all my other stuff in my makeup pouch were soaked and somehow sticky~~~ D: Imagine if it is my Chanel!

The ingenious thing I want to introduce to you is Travalo!!!!!!!!! :D
Pink belongs to me and red belongs to my sister!

Available in many colors!!!!!! I almost wanted to buy all colors but luckily I did not! LOL.

Refills in seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT, so what was I doing with the stupid bottle previously pressing the nozzle a million times!!!!
Classssssssssy and expensive looking! I actually wanted to get the gold one but... pink still looks more me!!! :P

 Like I just said, luckily I did not get all as out of the bigger fragrances I have, only 3 of them can remove the nozzle. HAHAHAHAHA.

Hmmm... so out of the 3 fragrances with a removable nozzle.. which should I choose?

 Love Spell was eliminated! Although I just started wearing you, but I DO LOVE YOU!!!!!!! You are eliminated as the Travalo is pink and you are purple in color! Unmatched! LOL. Therefore.... the final round is between SLT NOIR and Miss Dior~~~~~~

The winner is SLT NOIR! ~~~ lol lol! I really really really love this body mist TTM! and also Miss Dior is smaller in bottle so if it is easily tor bring her out if I really want to. ;)))))))))))))))

"A glamorous sheer fragrance mist. Sexy Little Things Noir™ is an alluring blend of sparkling nectarine, amber and cattelaya orchid."
It is really really really sweet, and lady-like,  and also makes me really happy and blissfull when I smell it. :D The bottle design is simple but really classy and modern victorian-like. This is my second bottle, which is a gift from my little sister Liz! I miss her! ;( Why U NO stay in Singapore! And then my first bottle is actually a free gift! HAHA.

I went to USA in Spring 2010 for school, and I went crazy when I stepped into VS!
The one in RWS is probably 1/10 of the VS I went in Oklahoma and Las Vegas! *CRIES*

I told myself I must definitely get a bag (checked), a t-shirt(checked), and present for my darlings! So I spent probably USD$100 or something in the first trip and I received the body mist as ONE of the free gifts! WTF! WTF because it was ONE of the free gifts!! I doubt I took a photo of the free gifts, but it includes a VS HUGE BEACH BAG(USD$70+), a body lotion, lip gloss and the body mist! SO DAMN WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE VS IN USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANYWAY... so what kind of fragrance has removable nozzle? What is a nozzle?~~? At first I thought Dior Addict 2 and Chanel No.5 can use Travalo too since I spray them out right...

Yup yup.. only this kind of nozzle is compatible with Travalo.

How to use Travalo?
The first step is of cause to remove the cap of your fragrance. -_-''''''

Remove your removable nozzle!
 Put your cap and nozzle somewhere safe! HAHA. I misplace things pretty easily so I took extra caution that my cap and nozzle is at somewhere safe when I am filling my fragrance!

 Travalo in correct position.

The bottom.

 Match the two openings together...

 Yay! All you have to do is pump the fragrance into Travalo.

 Took about 15 seconds to fill up the whole Travalo. LOL.  The first 5 seconds was like... "did it get it?" *opens Travalo cap and sprays to check if it pumped* Like the package said, no spills and within seconds. TOTALLY. HAPPY. :D

The nameless mini bottle on the right, you are disqualified totally. 

The retail price of Travalo is $18.90,  but the promotion in Sasa is $14.90 and if you are SaSa SG fan, you can get it at $12.90!!!!!!!!! SUCH A GREAT DEAL~~~~

4.36am now.... WHY AM I STILL AWAKE~~ D: I must wake up by 1230noon tomorrow for my TVB drama! Yay~~~~~


  1. i want one! ;-)
    gonna buy for my gf cos she's thinking of bringing the whole perfume bottle to phuket! ;-S

  2. Hi dear! awww... so sweet of you! Why nobody buys it for me! HAHA


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