Tuesday, March 13, 2012

so tired of being FAT

TOTALLY. I have been plump most of my life~~~~~ I was a ball when I was around Primary 3, 9 years old with VERY VERY UGLY TEETH. Braces saved me when I turned 15 but somehow I still feel like an ugly ducking inside me. -_-

I did managed to lose 12kg 2 years back but STRESS made me FAT. Why am I not like those who will lose weight when they are stressed or sick.

Aiye~~ WELL... im trying my best now to lose 4kg this month! 3kg more to go for now~~ I want to lose 10kg by April because I am going to Tokyo! If I do manage to drop that 3kg by end of the month, I will share ~~~~ Definitely not diet pills, but really cutting down on carbo intake and eat healthier and also replacement meals. Also started drinking Wheat Grass drink! The pure kind without sugar! The greenness makes me feel extremely HEALTHY! lol.

Very simple daily short exercise to tone arms, legs and tummy before I sleep. -_- Not a part of my body is slim~~ D:

Oh, and I started ZUMBA.. supposed to be once a week but my friend can't make it tomorrow so I am skipping it! SUPER FUN!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Zumba involves dance and aerobic elements. Zumba's choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, martial arts, and some Bollywood and belly dance moves. Squats and lunges are also included.[3] 

Maybe I should dance Zumba at home everyday! Classes are at Physical Abuse, 1 hour with many dances! SO DAMN FUN I WANNA CONTINUE it..... but somewhere else cheaper. 

[UPDATE] Lost 2kg in a week! 2 kg to go before end of March!

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