Monday, March 26, 2012

♡ Sponsored: Blackmores Radiance!

I can has RADIANT SKIN thanks to Blackmores and Watsons!

I attended Blackmores and Watsons Beauty Supplement Workshop about a week plus ago and was sponsored two boxes of Blackmores Radiance!

Tonight I took my first radiance night capsule! *sings Big Bang's TONIGHT*

WHAT IS Blackmores Radiance?

A skin supplement for day and night use, containing a combination of ingredients to provide 24 hour intensive nourishment for the deeper layers of your skin to help keep it healthy, youthful and glowing.

Features and benefits

  • Antioxidant such as vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, lutein and lycopene may help decrease premature ageing effects of sun damage and free radicals
  • Lutein has been documented to enhance skin elasticity and hydration
  • Vitamin C is essential for collagen production
  • Collagen-protein extract, Coenzyme Q10, antioxidants and combination of herbs help maintain integrity and structure of the skin.
Visit Blackmores - Radiance for more product information! ^^

  4 packs of Radiance in the box for 4 weeks of day and night supply!

Easy indication of night capsule and day capsule. :) If you forgot about the day capsule, you can always eat it at night together with the night capsule! Eat the capsule after your meal.

 Not to forget, remember to drink more water and sleep earlier to have healthier skin (I just do not bear to sleep earlier most of the time!!~~).

My main skin concern will be oily t-zone, fine lines appearing around eyes area and acne scar >_<. I am also turning 21 years 72 months in another month! D:  I am actually extremely worried for my skin as reproduction for collagen is slowing down already....


After toner, essence, moisturiser and etc, and after popping my night capsule! Zero edit with flash on camera. I will try to take a photo with no makeup every monday night until I finish the two boxes of radiance! :) PUT A SMALLER SIZE so as not to scare people~~~~~~~~ :( But still.... haha, looks soooooooooo tired.

As I said I went to do laser to remove mole and milias a week plus ago too! Skin has recovered except for the mole on my left cheek! It is so much lighter! Faster go away! I wish I have healthier and smoother skin!

Anyways, Blackmores Radiance is available in Watsons and leading pharmacies at $123 per box of 56 capsules. One day of Radiance will cost you $4.39 only, to have healthy, youthful and glowing skin! Reasonable much?

In order to compensate for my scary photo.... I'll share with you the sexiest man in the universe, T.O.P!~!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me how to not love this boy?! *blows kisses*

My colleague was telling me 1% of the guys in ZOUK on Friday looks like him. -_- I think she is cheating me to go with her!!!!!!!!!!!! With a clause though she said, "but they are around your height!" LOL LOL!!!!!!! No thanks!!!!


  1. Hi there. Im tryg to get the blackmores radiance in spore. Where can i get it n howmuch. Thks

  2. Good sharing, Blackmores Collagen 10,000mg which is enhanced with Grape Seed Extract and Vitamin E for complete skin rejuvenation in just six to 12 weeks. If your collagen breakdown in your skin is much faster and at a higher rate than what your body is manufacturing and the amount you are taking via collagen drinks/ supplements, you may need a longer time to see the benefits of collagen. For detail visit:


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