Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Little Darling

My little bride! I still can't believe that Little Rara has been with us for 8 years plus. She was adopted by us when my sisters and I went to Catwelfare adoption drive in Youth Park! She did not change much actually. Still has those pitiful eyes! :) Please stay with me for as long as you can!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I still miss you my darling Kiyo Angel. I can't believe that it had been 2 months....... I will be lying if I said I am feeling better. I kept myself busy as much as I can so that I will not miss you that much. I still cry when I miss you.... I hope you are doing well in Rainbow Bridge, and I love you, and will never stop loving U!


  1. My momo left me 2year plus now(will be 3 yr in June) and whenever I think about him... I still feel sad and tears.

    It's normal(I guess)... missing is good, especially all those special moment we shared together! ^_^

  2. :( I can't talk to people about my beloved Kiyo... just makes me cry. Can't help but feel that there is a hole in my heart. Painful.


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