Monday, August 13, 2012

♡ REVIEW: Tony Moly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-in Scrub

THIS IS JUST SO CUTE, I told myself I have to get it when I first lay my eyes on it last year! ^^

If you are a coffee lover, you have to get this! Why?

The SMELL! I thought I was in sweet coffee heaven when I opened this! *_*

How to not get this scrub when the design is soooooooooo kawaii! I will definitely keep this cup after I finish the scrub.

I also have the cute Tony Moly icecream sleeping pack, and Icecream cup MELTIE makeup remover! :D

TAKE ALL MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So willing to pay for these cute yet useful skincare products! Certainly make me happier when I am doing my weekly scrub as I do feel lazy..... I confess!

Gonna review on MELTIE soon, since my hada labo remover is finishing! HEE.


LOL. I used this scrub before reading any instruction of any sort(since mine only had Korean), and I was given a shock the first time I use it.

The scrub becomes HOT, when I apply on my face! LOL LOL. At first I thought, "GOSH... is it supposed to be heated up? Or what is going to happen to my face?!" SILLY ME. :P It is supposed to HEAT UP when you scrub on your face. I guess the heat opens your pores to remove waste.

The benefits I found online after using this cute scrub.

A color changing scrub that has both a massaging effect as well as an exfoliation effect.
1. A scrub that can remove dry dead skin cells and give you a massaging effect.
2. Instant heating and color changing effect. Visual and tactual.
3. Hypo-allergenic scrub with a sweet coffee smell. Applicable to all skin types.

A scrub that contains coffee and milk to remove dead skin cells and waste, as well as giving you a massaging effect.

Removes waste in pores, The aha ingredient in milk and the scrub grains will keep your skin smooth and healthy.
Application :
Use this product after washing your face and drying off any moisture.
Spread the product softly on your face and when the color changes, cleanse off with warm water.

Not exactly cheap in Singapore! My dear helped me get this and the Tony Moly icecream sleeping pack from Korea. Guess what? Two of them cost only S$21. As for the price in Singapore... tsk tsk. Two of them still cheaper than if you buy in Singapore.

Well, so let us have a cuppa! :)

LOL. The photo is over edited! ~~~~S3 Beauty Mode + Meitu Xiuxiu! Since I always post photos of me with no makeup. Let me feel good about myself sometimes! XD Maybe someday my skin will become flawless too! Finally went for my facial after.... .4 months. -_____________- Booked the next one this time to make sure I go monthly!

Even better, more cute photos! NOT ME OF CAUSE... :)

OK, TAKE ALL MY MONEY AND MY LOVE. He is growing really fast, really intelligent, yet really naughty!!! I am really amazed by him as he did not make a sound when I brought him to the vet for his third and last kitten vaccination! Nor make any noise of complain when i bathed him! *PROUD*

The sweetest face ever. She... scared of the vet and bath time. Kiyo loves bathing but vet... nono. She even puked the deworm medicine at the vet. :X

 Sometime back.... my terribly cute Kingking!

My sweet little princess!

Gonna post another quick post while I sleep. LOL.

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