Monday, August 13, 2012


OMG OMG OMG! I am totally going crazy as I got my tickets for 2012 BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR for both Singapore and Malaysia! *MUAHS MUAHS* I saw GD&TOP, and Seungri last September during F1 Night race in Singapore. (Someone gonna slap me if he knows I am going KL for BB, and not when he asked me to..... )

T.O.P is totally inhumanely GORGEOUS! His eyes murdered so many of us! T.O.P's look is like the perfect guy I imagined. ^_^ Those eyes, the height, the built, the hair, the voice, and the style. WHY U SO HOT?

LOOK AT HIM... LIKE OMG. EXCUSE ME... asdfghjkasdfghjkasdfghjk. My heart beat went crazy already. LOL!

THANK YOU DEAR for helping me get the tickets. MUACKS MUACKS! Already counting down! As I expected, they have two shows since the first show is on a Friday. :))) At least I do not have to rush off there for work!

Looking forward to meet Taeyang and Daesung! I was introduced to BIGBANG because of Taeyang's Wedding Dress despite dear asking me to listen to them! LOL.Grown to like Daesung very much after seeing BIGBANG on variety shows. Such a cutie pie, just like Taeyang. Love their small eyes and thus extremely cute smile. :)

For the Malaysia concert, THIS...... my 2012 is complete after watching this concert. HAHA. 4th row from the stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU Elise, Wendy, Rebecca, Donna, Debby, Francis, and Joise!

TOO HAPPY. If only I get to see Garie Oppa this year too...... :P Saw Koichi-sama and Mr Piglet already.

NOW, I want to listen to Kang Garie's rap LIVE!!!!!!!

Sorry for my fangirling!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you haven't, you should listen to BIGBANG ALIVE album, and also LeeSsang UNPLUGGED. These two are my favourite albums of 2012!

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