Tuesday, April 17, 2012

♡ REVIEW: I can receive a Travalo Excel!!!

GOODNESS ME!!!!!! Look what I received, all the way from USA to Singapore!!!!!

HAPPY to receive it and must definitely use meituxiuxiu to edit as I only have eyeliner drawn and was tired after work!

I blogged about the pink Travalo Classic previously!!! :DDD
I actually did not expect myself to win nor actually receive this baby!!!!!!! ALL THE WAY FROM USA!!!!!!!! :))))))) THANK YOU VERY MUCH TRAVALO!!!!

I joined Travalo facebook, and happened to see them giving away the Travel Excel to 3 winners and I was the first to comment to "describe the travalo" or something like that. HAHA! My reply was "WOW, Fantastic Baby!". LOL LOL LOL!!!!! THIS PHRASE IS TOO HANDY OR WHAT. I can basically reply everything with that! Even King King's nickname is Fantastic Baby. One thing is that I thought I will get the hot pink one instead as Travalo posted is the hot pink Travalo Excel.

PS: If you read my previous entries, you will know what is FANTASTIC BABY! :PPPP

Welcome to the family!!!!!!!

WHERE to get in Singapore:

Travalo Excel with 65 sprays can be found in Watsons at $20++  

Travalo Classic with 50 sprays can be found in SaSa at $10++

But the colors are pretty limited in Singapore! 4-5 colors only!

I will say the Classic is a better choice as it is more handy to bring around. My makeup pouch is already too big for my liking. Can save some save so is better! lol. 15 sprays difference is not too obvious for me. :)))))))

Like http://www.facebook.com/travalo and you may also be a lucky winner! ^^

What I am left with is to choose which fragrance to pump into this!!!!!

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