Friday, April 6, 2012

♡ Obessed with Running Man! ♡

Hello everyone. the reason that I did not blog is that I have been obsessed in watching Running Man for the past few weeks! At least two episodes every night!

WHY IS EVERY EPISODE SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kept laughing until my lungs almost burst and my sister always shut my door!

I also have a huge crush on GARY Oppa!!! HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. He might not be the pretty boy I like normally but he is really very SWEET towards ex-MONDAY couple Jihyo! I want a boyfriend as sweet as him!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. and of cause he is super funny too!!!!!!

I realized I always like rappers! Take ENERGY's Kunda & BigBang's TOP for example! I am a HIP HOP person underneath me though it is pretty unbelievable! I will prefer Hip Hop over other music genre!!!

Kookie is super AWESOME!!!!! Never fail to make me laugh when he was chasing and "SPARTA!!!!!!!!!" whenever he comes out. LOL. He just have that AURA to make people shiver!!!! MUAHHAHAHA!!!!

Ex-Monday Couple Jihyo aka ACE is really AWESOME too with her brains and strength! She turns into bad Jihyo when she meets RM members like KwangSu and Suk Jin Oppa! LOL.

HAHA is definitely FUNNY TO THE MAX. lol lol. Haroro~~~

Jae Suk is no wonder the national MC!!!!!!!!! Everything he do is also super hilarious!

RUNNING MAN TEAM, please come to Singapore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDD

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